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Youth are game-changers

19 Oct 2021 at 05:29hrs | Views
THE purpose of the elections is to elect a few people who can represent us in places of authority. The money in the world can make you rich and all the power in the  world can make you strong, but these things cannot make you a leader.

We need true leadership in government, National Assembly and local government. Leadership has to be a role one plays instead of a life one leads. The fever of the 2023 elections is being felt in all corners of Zimbabwe.

Let's preach unity and peace. We are one family despite race or colour. Let us elect the right people to represent us, people who can deliver, not people who are out to enrich themselves.

The people who are busy campaigning for political parties are youths and women.

As Zimbabweans, we want equality and progress.

It is time to ditch the idea of using youths for a few dollars, a few pieces of meat and beer as tokens of appreciation.

Youth are the ones who do the donkey work after which they are dumped.

The youth are the ones suffering the most in this country because of lack of opportunities. The majority of youth haven't yet knocked on the door of employment.

Our youth perish in foreign lands where they would have gone in search of better employment opportunities. They become slaves in foreign countries. South Africans burnt Zimbabweans alive during xenophobic attacks.

Everyone knows where we are coming from as a nation and the most affected are the youth.

We went through a lot as a nation, so we now want new policies that facilitate development.

I call upon the youth from different political parties to vote wisely in the 2023 elections so that we have representatives who work for the good of the people.

Let's unite and refuse to be used. The youth have been manipulated for far too long and dumped after elections.

It is our time to be torchbearers. We are the defenders of the integrity of this nation.

During the colonial era, youths took up arms to liberate our beloved country.

To the youth I say, whichever political party you belong to, please stay away from violence or being used. Remember the baton is in your hands, you are the next leader.

Source - NewsDay Zimbabwe
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