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Zimbabwean courts have no spectacles to see Mnangagwa's illegitimacy

25 Oct 2021 at 15:18hrs | Views
President Mnangagwa's legitimacy as a Zanu leader and President of the Republic, has been challenged in court. But, any Zanu leader's first duty on the job is to take the Court's spectacles and keep them in his pocket. So, what will happen when the challange case gets on the Court desk?

The lndividual bringing this challenge is citing precedence of a scope which was used by Zimbabwean Courts to nullify Opposition leader Nelson Chamisa's MDC party.

 In a civilised society where Courts of the land work with their Law spectacles on, this challenge would win and the President would lose. But, we are talking about Zimbabwe here. We are talking about President Mnangagwa, Chief Justice Malaba and a country that was taught corruption by President Mugabe for 37 years.

Far back in 1977, Zanu, a Tribalist Party which had been formed by a Ndau leader, Ndabaningi Sithole back in 1963, convened a Zezuru-led illegal gathering which installed Zezuru Mugabe as Zanu leader.
Today in 2021, a Mnangagwa Court challenger thinks Mnangagwa was corruptly installed by an illegitimate gathering in 2017. This is Zanu DNA.

In 1977 as usual, Zanu, in its legacy of Corruption, used brute force in Mozambique exile to silence the questioning Karangas. Thomas Nhari was tied, half dug into a pit, and stoned to death.
 Karangas like Mnangagwa were celebrating as Nhari, the Karanga, was killed for questioning the rot and corruption of things in Zanu.

Remember this Party was formed on tribal grounds in 1963 claiming "We are Shona and we can't be led by Nkomo a Ndebele".

The little minds in 1963 forgot that Shona is an umbrella word for a consortium of tribes.

What we see today is a  culmination of a range of unculculated illegitimacies since the formation of Zanu in 1963.

The lndividual consulting the courts is not doing so because he is a fine, Law-abiding Zimbabwean. Rather he is doing so because he is drunk in Zezuru sense of possessiveness and he wants a Zezuru leadership.

Corruption and Violence mixed with Tribalism are the nervous system of Zanu PF. If you remove Corruption, Violence and Tribalism, there won't be any Zanu PF to talk about.

While this court case appears as something good for Zimbabweans, it would not benefit Zimbabweans even if it were won. It's results, if Mnangagwa were to be forced to step down, would produce the very same false hope for Zimbabweans as we had when Mugabe was removed.
Removing a rotten Zanu leader and replacing him with another rotten Zanu leader will not heal Zimbabwe as the 1963 Corruption, Tribalism and Violence will remain intact to destroy our country.

There are only three rotten lessons which my country has regularised so much that it has become a normal,  Corruption, Tribalism and Violence.

We need a fresh start with a  fresh man who has never been a Zanu member before. We need Sibangilizwe Nkomo as President and remedy of our country.

Think about it / Jula ngokomqondo / Pafungisise.

The disintegration of MDC from what it was in 2002, is a result of a Zanu corrupt culture which has affected everyone's thinking since 1980. Corruption has become a normal thing alongside Tribalism and Violence. We were not like that in Rhodesia which is why people like Thomas Nhari would question Corruption.

Zanu has, over years, taught our Nation to do things and think in line with Corruption, Tribalism and Violence which is why it would be hard for someone in Marondera to understand why l am saying let's bring in Sibangilizwe Nkomo to root out Corruption, Tribalism and Violence.

Once these three Zanu trademarks have been removed, our country will be one of the best to live in.

The South African remedy to remove Apartheid was to bring in a new President who had suffered the worst of Apartheid evils. In the same vein, to remove Zanu PF Corruption, Tribalism and Violence, we need Sibangilizwe Nkomo who knows the empirical results of running a country in a corrupt, tribal and violent manner.

"Think About It"

Source - Ryton Dzimiri
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