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Tiri pama one: Now it's the people of Mashonaland demanding a cake for all

26 Oct 2021 at 19:27hrs | Views
You can't help but wish Joshua Nkomo was alive. This is exactly what he prophesized. Josh said in his own words: "This tribalism will not take you anywhere Robert. This pasi newe, pasi naye cannot be politics of the day". When he said this: Joyce Mujuru was quick to say: "This is a senile man". Nkomo wrote Mugabe a long letter when he was exiled critiquing his selective and tribal approach to development.

From day one, Mugabe wanted to starve Matabeleland of any meaningful development in the region. The people of Mashonaland back then supported Mugabe 100% as Mugabe concentrated on developing Mashonaland and he did. Since 1980, Mashonaland developed immensely in all aspects, in rural and urban areas. But now everything is different. WE are all starving, be it Matabeleland or Mashonaland. Tiri pama one tese.

I cannot help but think of a German Pastor Martin Niemöller's words, are relevant in today's Zimbabwe." - First, they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out - because I was not a socialist. Then they came for trade unions, and I did not speak out – because I was not a trade unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out – because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me – and there was no one left to speak for me. Now Zanu is going for the Zanu/Zanla war veterans: are we going to say to them: Aha, taste your poison? What the Shona are going through today, we suffered the same in 1980 until 1987, anyone in the region was affected by Gukurahundi atrocities in one way or another. A unity accord stopped the killings of innocent citizens and the unborn. Thanks to Josh Mafukufuku Nkomo.

When Mugabe went for a killing spree: some of the people of Mashonaland rejoiced. "Let Bobo fix the Mandeere aya. Those turbulent years of killings and rape and destruction of livelihood was greeted with reckless abandon by Shonas. You do not even cull animals in the style the Ndebele people were annihilated by the Fifth Brigade. Joshua Nkomo said this again: "This butchering of innocent people will visit you one day, Robert. This teaching of hate cannot be a foundation to build a nation. Advice was met with deaf ears. It was time for a revenge of one and half century history of this nation. To say the least Shona peoples were privy of what was taking place in the Regions of Matabeleland and Midlands: it was payday for them. In Niemöller's words: now they come for the Shona people, nobody will speak out for them.

Let me come back to the demonstrations of yesterday 25th of October in the city of Harare. Emotions were high. War veteran organised a nonviolent demonstration, but some of them were arrested for demonstrating although it was a genuinely police registered demonstration common sense is no longer common. The demonstrators asked genuine questions about the state of the nation, why are we starving yet few are enjoying the fruits of independence. "Did we make those sacrifices so that only a selected few and their children enjoy freedom, and the rest of us languish in destitution? We are hungry, we have no land promised to us during the struggle. Did they not tell us that we are fighting a common cause, you can kill us now, come and arrest us now? We shall not stop to demand what belongs to us. Where is our money, - in offshore lands for your children leaving us to fend for ourselves? This has come, these questions will remain until Zanu Pf leaves power. Those living in the bubble, it will not be long.

Another war vet said: "Why are we being tormented like this? We are not above the law, but we just want to air our grievances. We all went to war for the betterment of everyone but only a few are benefiting from the resources available. Some are always on the plane. Most of us are disabled. We are street kids now. We are being mocked by the public. Who is breaking the law? Police or us war vets. Our constitution allows us to demonstrate. They must not talk about sanctions. Smith had sanctions but he was organised. People managed to survive. They must not lie about sanctions." (Taken from New Zimbabwe)

When one looks at these demands made by war veterans, they are not different from what triggered chaos and mayhem in South Africa not even a month ago. Zanu, just like ANC are taking citizens for granted. This negligence of commoners by the ruling parties is exactly that, what will trigger uncontrolled violence, and this time around it will be unstoppable. The struggle for independence was never a genuine struggle for all, as it turns out now. We were bamboozled to join the liberation movements to fight for them few who are now eating and enjoying freedom of independence on our behalf. What a travesty of justice, considering the number of people who perished during the struggle in the name of freedom.

During the struggle when young people were bombed in the freedom camps, mass graves were dug to bury them all in one grave. Our leaders told us at the burials that this is the price we must pay for our independence. What, really? How many of us are in foreign lands today, running away from a brutal regime that is worse than colonial masters of yesterday. How many articles have we read, young people who know Smith UDI are saying today; "life was better under Smith Regime? This how low we have been reduced by the very comrades some of them were in the struggle; have amassed themselves with riches at the detriment of the people who fought the war. Now the war veterans are demanding what belongs to them.

Mnangagwa refused to go to the front and preferred to be Mugabe's bodyguard. Today he is celebrated as a crocodile group. Real commanders who fought the war were eliminated by Zanu elite before and after independence. Rugare Gumbo and the rest should thank their gods that they are still alive. They languished in Mozambiquean prison for flimsy reasons. The modus operandi of killings and torture of fellow citizens has not stopped. Zanu regime had no qualms about abducting Itai Dzamara: to this day we do not know where he is. They continue to abduct young women: Mamombe, Chinembiri and the other girl; Zanu forces the narrative that they abducted themselves. The world is supposed to believe cruelty and barbarism of the highest order coming from Zanu's CIO a notorious organisation known for its criminality and murderous history even among themselves in Zanu: even its own Shona children are not spared.

This is the song war veterans sang yesterday when they were demonstrating: tiwudzeio baba, tiwudzei kwakaenda vamwe. Tiwudzeio baba, tiwudzei kwakaenda vamwe. Nyika yino ndeye ropa revamwe vedu vakafira nyika ino. I wonder still if this revolutionary song can shake the conscience Mnangagwa, Chiwenga, Chinamasa: This George Charamba is a small fry in the scheme of things: he was in nappies when some of us were running away, taking cover from bombings in Lusaka Zambia but would like to talk big as if he saw it all in the liberation war bushes.

In as much as it is burning in Eswatini and in South Africa, the proletariat is demanding what belongs to them by right. We are making those demands in Zimbabwe. It is a question of timing; the trigger is soon to be unleashed. Our children you have murdered for no apparent reason, their bodies are turning in their graves. You have the army, but you cannot afford to suppress our freedom forever. The real revolution is coming tomorrow. The police and army will turn against you, and you will have nowhere to go.

Guided by the words of Martin Niemöller: when Zanu kidnaps, abducts tortures our people in Zimbabwe we shall speak, condemn them, expose their criminality and brutality, their callus attribute and behaviour towards its citizens. Zanu PF days are numbered. Sudan is burning, Eswatini as we speak is burning, we are looking, gaining courage and strength to take the bull by its horns. Zimbabwe and its resources belong to all of us and not the few who have grown so fat. They have built houses that match Californian Hills in America at our detriment, and they gloat about riches they have stolen from us.

Evil should never be treated with jubilation by the opposition because it is very dangerous to do so. The legacy that Mandela taught us is to learn to live together, be it black – black or black – white. In the words of Chancellor Angela Merkel: There is only one human race; not two or three. For this reason we must confront Zanu collectively as a nation and fight Zanu in however way possible.

Those who know my articles will realize that I am eating my words. I was one of the Ndebele people who thought that Zanu must be removed by those who voted Zanu in the first place. But Pastor Martin Niemöller said: it is inward-looking to think so low. We must condemn evil at every turn of our development. Civilized and enlightened people must look above narrow confines of tribal divide. This is a Zanu regime that has no shame to starve citizens and war veterans who were part of the struggle for independence. Sanctions should remain in place because those lines of credit will not better the lives of the poor but will be revenues to loot, the money sent to Eastern countries for their children and children's children. We say enough is enough.

Source - Nomazulu Thata
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