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New Zapu SG, a real Political Testosterone

01 Nov 2021 at 00:17hrs | Views
Innovation is a word only relative to the young, and this is what Zapu produced yesterday. Just to start from the right place, Zapu elected  a Deliberate Black  Log, Ugodo Olumyama Ngenkani, Danda Demadema nenharo, to the position of a Secretary General.

Mthulisi Hanana inspires me and, as a Scientist in the World of Design, l understand better how an lnstitution which invests in young people, is guaranteed  to excell.

Zapu was the first Party to bring oppressed Black people of Rhodesia to the core and head of their country.
In 1957, it was the young people largely in their twenties and thirties, from all over Rhodesia, who organised themselves and invented the word "Zimbabwe".

I am trying to bring it to your attention that if you are calling yourself a Zimbabwean today, you are a product of a hypothesis by Zapu youth of 1957.

1957 was six years before divisive Zanu was formed late in 1963. In 1957, there was no Mugabe in Zimbabwean politics. Mugabe was a wealth seeking boy who had nothing to do with the suffering of the masses of Black people under Rhodesia. Where money promises were, is where Mugabe would be found and Ghana was his target to make money at that time. He only joined Zapu late in 1961, having been convinced by his cousin Chikerema that an opportunity to make money had emerged in politics. So, he left money seeking in Ghana and sought to position himself in Rhodesia,  to make money from politics. Mugabe did not fail in his project to make money from politics.

Once Mugabe was settled in Zapu in 1961, he, and Edgar Tekere and Ndabaningi Sithole begun to notice that there are more Shona people in Rhodesia than there are Ndebeles. With Mugabe's experience of Tribalism in Ghana, meetings were done at nights to dethrone Joshua Nkomo from Zapu leadership, to pave way for a Shona leader where tribe would blight the aims of the revolution and be used to generate wealth for the elite.

Zanu was then formed from that view no wonder why Mugabe died wealthy not because he earned more from his job, but because the project to fool the people for money worked.

At the time of his death, Mugabe had inspired hundreds of thousands of Zimbabweans that Politics is a source to loot the country's resources.

Nothing can quarantine Zimbabwe out of Mugabe's example except the testostrome of young and innovative thinkers like Mthulusi Hanana ugodo olumnyama, danda demadema. Mthulisi is a Black Log which is already black and cannot be reduced further into another  level of ridicule.

Things rise from the bottom to the top in order to be recognised. The higher they are, the better they are perceived as every eye will see them there at the top. But, when things are at the very bottom, they are at the last point, and they are in no competition with anything which is what the Black Log is. The Black Log rules the stable bottom ground where everything else is measured from and Mthulisi now holds the dirty foundations where a real Zimbabwe is meant to be built from.

Prior to his election as a Zapu Secretary General, Mthulisi made a philosophical statement which many did not pay attention to. Young as he is, Mthulisi said that elderly people of Zimbabwe will tell you stories about how good things were in Rhodesia. He said that his generation has never seen those good things, so does not care. Mthulisi said his generation was born at a time when fathers were unemployed and it is a normal to them. Electricity would switch of at anytime and it is a normal to them. Tarmac was wearing away from the road  and it is a normal to them.

Mthulisi said to try and inspire such young people into politics by telling them that their normal is not a normal, does not work. A new narrative designed by new and young innovators as it were in Zapu 1957, would change Zimbabwe.

All along we have been talking and bragging about fighting the Liberation struggle which produced money seekers like Mugabe and Mnangagwa while our hospitals are rotting. We can't use the narrative of the struggle to convince our young people into politics unless we were residents of the Blue Roof in Harare where the wealth from the struggle produced a positive.

Hanana, ugodo olumnyama, danda dema, will change the narrative as he engages his peers to bring Zapu to the State House.

Hey, l am a designer and l know that if Hanana gets the support that he requires from empoverished Zimbabweans, the newly elected Zapu President Sibangilizwe Nkomo could be the President of Zimbabwe eighteen months from now.

Hey, we are talking about the young and innovative thinkers who think that Zanu is all about wealth to the select few.
We are talking about young people who whole heartedly supported MDC since 1999 and saw the tribal divisions of 2005, saw the refusal of Tsvangirai to unite with Ncube to remove Mugabe in 2008.

We are talking about young people who question the gain of repetitively voting for MDC which says it won the last election but it is still on the streets and now splintering into negligible shreds.

Young people remember Tsvangirai going to Botswana in 2008 after winning elections, instead of going to the State House.

Young people question if Chamisa won the last election but did not move his furniture to the State House, what mechanism would help the young get the benefit from their vote.

Hanana has promised that he will talk to the young, and  tell them how the young people will be escorted to the State House by young Police, Young Army, young vendors, young students and young dreamers, to wait for President Sibangilizwe to get inside the State House in 2023.

After voting for real change in 2023, the young people, under the extremely ground-prone organic leadership of Mthulisi Hanana, will move their own President into State House. They will not allow any trip to Botswana or any press conference outside the State House.

The soldiers who defend our country are young people of Hanana's age. They are not benefactors of the Blue Roof or of Secunda or Zupco Empire. They are poor like Hanana and have never taken their young wives for Holiday in Hawaii.

The young of Hanana's age are found keeping Law and Order within the Police. They remember how expectant they were when Mnangagwa's so termed "New Dispensation" was brought in. They have seen that the generation of "War Veterans" all ended up like a money-seeking Mugabe who turned Zapu Politics into a self enrichment business renamed Zanu. No one is in doubt now that Zanu, and not individual Mugabe, is the problem.

Zanu has no intention to make a Police Officer's child happy. Under any leader of Zanu of the future, a Zimbabwean Army Officer will never enjoy a holiday abroad with his family. So, Hanana has a thousand percent to march his boss into State House in 2023.

Hanana has more chance than Chamisa because Hanana's party does not have the Mwidzoras and Thokozani Khupes who dine with Zanu while professing to be fighting Zanu.

Source - Ryton Dzimiri
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