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Bring sanity to the three tier pricing system

by Tondo
05 Nov 2021 at 05:40hrs | Views
"Vabereki" are crying in the village. Most had their payments for maize delivered to GMB paid through banks. The exchange rate for goods and services paid for using mobil money transfer and swipe is pegged at 1 USD =200 ZWLs.

Some shops are not even accepting mobile money transfers, only the green back can put food on one's table. Authorities where are you, please help us and make our money the currency of choice at agreeable rates.

Rural traders and shop owners are harvesting where they did not sow, double dipping through usurious exchange rates and the usual profit margin all in one. NSSA pensioners are the most affected, hard blows to where it hurts most. Three tier pricing system must go, not today but yesterday. The 'robbery' exchange rates have thrown consumers at the deep end. A 2 lts bottle of cooking oil now going for anything from 700 - 800 ZWLs. Our pro-people government must quickly move in to protect the vulnerable rural dwellers.

Erosion of the purchasing power means more suffering to the people, remember 'Musangano wakasimba kuma cell", the rural vote is the game changer in the matrix of our national plebiscite.

The rural consumer, farmer and pensioner needs protection from the exchange rate sharks. Climbing higher standing on shoulders of the poor. We say no to profiteering.  government is on record Condemning the three tier pricing system. We need uniform pricing regimes, no to thievocracy.

May the relevant authorities bring sanity to pricing and tame the profiteering mentality. Aaah on a parting note, put the foot down and stop sales of 'Musombo and Tumbwa', The brew is destroying the youths.

Tondo. Matepatepa

Source - Tondo
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