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5 pieces of evidence that show why Mnangagwa's trip to the UK was a complete disaster

09 Nov 2021 at 19:40hrs | Views
Over a week after the beginning of the COP26 Climate change summit, all Zimbabweans will have come to the conclusion that Mnangagwa's trip to Scotland did not achieve what he wanted it to do. In fact, it was a disaster for the dictator of Zimbabwe. Of course there will still be hard headed Zanu followers who are on the party's payroll who will find a way to argue that the trip was a success. As we all know, these people lie because they are paid to do so. Nonetheless, the evidence of how much of a flop this trip was is very strong.

1. He delivered a speech to an empty auditorium. This is the strongest V11 that shows that his presence at COP26 was surplus to requirements. No one cared about his speech because no one important cares about what a corrupt African dictator thinks.

2. He then lied about having a meeting with the President of America Joe Biden. He probably made even more lies about his brief chat with Prince William, they probably spoke about the weather in Scotland and then the Prince moved on to the next guest. For those who don't know, the hosts have to give face time to every guests that attend and give them a photo opportunity in order to justify their presence at the even to their people back home. Mnangagwa was not given special treatment, they spoke to him because they spoke to everyone else in the room..

3. His "visit" was limited to Glasgow because he is still another one of the those African dictators on the sanctions list, which meant that he couldn't go to the London where he would have loved to take clout chasing selfies with the British elite.

4. The very few Zanu supporters in the UK tried to host a welcome party in his honour but it was marred by the pro democracy protesters who were outside. Further evidence that he is not liked or wanted here.

5. The UK trip was such a disaster that Zanu organised a homecoming rally at the airport as if Mnangagwa had just returned from Space. This shows how pathetic and desperate the regime is to be accepted by the West who by the way they criticise the MDC Alliance for being too close too. Hypocrisy at its finest.

Source - Dudzai Mukondorongwe
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