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Simon Khaya Moyo is dead - he is NOT a national hero, not after 41 years of Zanu PF wickedness

14 Nov 2021 at 23:11hrs | Views
Zanu-PF spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo (76) has reportedly died.

Zanu and Zapu cadres made a monumental contribution in the liberation of Zimbabwe, that is a historic fact that no one will dispute or deny. However what is also a historic fact, which Zanu PF has all but air brushed out of the country's history, is that the post-independence Zanu PF leaders have ridden roughshod over the people, denying them their freedoms and rights.

Simon Khaya Moyo played his part in the liberation struggle and in independent Zimbabwe. Of course, he was aware that Zimbabwe was a de facto one-party state, played his part in creating and sustaining it and got his share of the spoils of power.

"Zanu PF ichatonga kuzvika madhongi amera nyanga!" (Zanu PF will rule until donkeys have horns!) he once boasted. He knew Zanu PF was rigging elections.

The nation fought a bitter liberation one to secure "One man, one vote!" Sadly this was never ever honoured. Zanu PF has rigged elections and, to this day, insist the elections are free, fair and credible.  

The principle reason Zimbabwe is in this economic and political mess is the country's failure to hold free, fair and credible elections. To escape out of this mess we must now fight to implement democratic reforms to ensure free and fair elections - the fight we thought we had got behind us in 1980.

It is a great tragedy and an indictment in our failure to govern ourselves that yesterday's liberators have become today's oppressors. Of course, Zanu PF thugs risked life and limb to end white colonial oppression but only to become the next oppressors.

Can Simon Khaya Moyo or anyone of his fellow Zanu PF thugs, national heroes? All those who played a part in post independence oppression of the masses cannot and will never ever be heroes. Never ever! He started a hero but spend the last 41 years as an oppressor per excellence.

No doubt Mnangagwa and the rest in Zanu PF will declare Khaya-Moyo a national hero but that is to be expected. Mnangagwa can hardly call Khaya Moyo a thug when he has shed even more innocent blood himself!

Whilst a repentant sinner can be forgiven and even become a saint; one is reminded of the robber on the cross, on the right hand side of Jesus. It will be nonsensical to plead for sainthood for the robber on Jesus' left hand, who was wicked to his last breath, on the grounds he helped some old lady cross the street in his youth; especially when it was for the purpose of robbing her!

Simon Khaya Moyo cannot be a national hero not after 41 years of Zanu PF corrupt and tyrannical rule; 41 years of Zanu PF wickedness! Whether his soul rests in peace, RIP, it is for the Lord to decide and not mortals!

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