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Rains are knocking at the farmer's door

14 Nov 2021 at 23:16hrs | Views
The rains are knocking at the farmer's door, Heaven has shown its preparedness to water the fields adequately. Remember our God is a faithful God. He is not human so does not lie, what He says must come to pass.

Our workaholic and evergreen farmers are more than willing to fill the national silos to overflow.

But now, despite keeping ears to the ground, no seismic ground micro tremors from trucks supposed to bring Pfumvunza inputs can be heard. The Heavenly taps can open full throttle any minute anytime but alas, farmers may be caught offside. In Ward 3 we are all ears, there are holes all over.

Our farmers want to chase after poverty beyond the horizon, beyond what we see. Hunger and starvation is alien to Zimbabwe. Let's come back to our original slot, the bread basket of Africa. Yes we can. Can we please have the Pfumvudza inputs now, we want to plant with the first rains. Cotton farmers are smiling all the way to the fields.  

Cotton Pfumvunza inputs are already a spitting distance, no excuse. Let's not forget the small grains, they made Africa great. Rapoko, millet and sorghum sustained our ancestry until unsolicited 'visitors' spoiled the broth. It's time we retrace our footsteps.

Today, mysterious diseases are pestering our people simply because we abandoned our ways of life, traditional cuisine and customs. Our mothers and young women are being tormented with arthritis and painful legs. Gastro intestinal cramps and pain are now common among our people. Eating okra and other organic foods used to alkalize the body leaving us in top notch condition.

Today it's "Yoweee" my legs, "Maiwee" my back etc. If your grandmother did not eat it, do not eat it. Now we are here. Pharmacists are smiling all the way to the banks, only had we known. That pizza, that smoked this and that, wolves in sheepskins.

Anyway, shouting breaks no bones. Do not eat it! But we have "Foodocracy", the choice is yours but do not make your brother fall because of what you eat.

Back to the fields!

Thomas Tondo Murisa. Okra farmer. Chiweshe.

Source - Thomas Tondo Murisa
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