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Chiwenga and his wife saga! No wonder white people have a low opinion of Africans and their empty philosophy of Ubuntu

17 Nov 2021 at 07:16hrs | Views
General Constantine Chiwenga could be a head of state anytime if Mnangagwa became incapacitated or for any other reason. We have people in the government in 2021 who could be well described as primitive and backward: Some fossils of five hundred years left behind by time, this is the calibre of leadership who have no values of Ubuntu.

Chiwenga's capacity to think rationally is so impaired, how did Mugabe make Chiwenga a commander of national defence forces? In relation to how Chiwenga is treating his children together with his wife, it defeats any common sense. It is even embarrassing to the nation with so many diplomats in Harare who are now accustomed to hearing pleas of an absolute desperate woman denied access to her children. The little we expect from Chiwenga is to respect are the children.

What is worse is that there are men and women who support the rudeness and cruelty of Chiwenga towards his wife and children. The total absence of humanity in Chiwenga does not make him realize the damage he is doing to his children he purports to protect from their mother supposedly a criminal. What can come from Africa, what development can you talk about in Chiwenga leadership, illiterate; he struggles to read and write. It is not a wonder that white people have a low opinion of Africans because of their animalistic behaviour. But again to say the attributes of Chiwenga are animalistic is to insult animals. Whoever has observed animals in their kingdoms will realize the harmony in their habitats: how mother- and father elephant protect their offspring from predators. Whereas the treatment Chiwenga is giving to his wife and the children is not even found in animal kingdoms.

We wonder still how long we can have such leadership devoid of humanity. It is even a big joke to have Chiwenga s a health minister. What does this man know about medicine, child health, early child emotional care if he is refusing to give his own children love and care from their biological mother who is still alive. General Chiwenga is failing to demarcate his issues he has with his wife away from the children they have together.

If Chiwenga respected his children by separating his domestic fights with his wife from them, I wonder if all of us who call ourselves mothers would be worried about them both because it is challenging to really know the problem between Constantine and Merry. Chiwenga, in his limited mental capacities fails to realize children have feelings. How sad can this realization be? The untold suffering these are going must not be imagined if you want to remain sane.

It would appear Chiwenga has the same attributes as Idi Amini of Uganda. But he ruled Uganda 50 years ago. Are we saying Africa is regressing from dictatorship to the next? When is the time to develop this nation if we have primitive leadership assuming power by the gun? We are to tolerate inhumanity in our midst, cruelty, barbarism, other countries are progressing. Judging by the way Chiwenga treats his wife, it mirrors the position Zimbabwe women in our societies. We read in the media horror stories unimagined by common sense. Femicide is the order of the day. The value of a woman's life is so cheap, a girl-child is even worse. The Chiwenga case is not a single story but one of the many that are not spoken because their societal insignificance. We know Merry's story because she is dealing with some General and Vice President: an ignorant man by all account.

Not long ago we had a case of Chantelle Muteswa who is fighting for the custody of her son who was abducted by his dubious father. Violence on women should be a great concern to the nation because it breeds violence on daily basis. If Merry's children become older, what have learnt from life that is full of pain and deprivation, having grown in an environment full of plenty but no love and warmth; It will be a continuation of violence and pain of generations to come. Chiwenga in his limited faculties has no idea about the manifestations of violence at home, at community, and at national level. General Chiwenga does not even realized the sad precedence he is giving to the nation.
The danger of being ruled by primitive, uneducated people like Constantine Chiwenga has far deep reaching consequences today and in the future generations to come. It does not surprise me anymore that white people have low opinion of us blacks. They think, rightfully, we are light years away from them social, and economic or otherwise. We Africans are just consumers of what we cannot even produce. Some Africans of the likes of Chiwenga lack basic human feelings, they are many of them of his sort in Zimbabwe.

We ask General Chiwenga to do the right thing, to let the children go to see their mother even for a day or two. It is wholly barbaric to treat children the way Chiwenga is doing. There is not humanity in a hard heart. This appeal is the last human effort we can make on Marry's behalf. She is desperate to see her children. It is unimaginable by common sense what she is going through. What will Chiwenga lose if those children were allowed to see their mother even for a day? Has the ego grown so big: General Chiwenga must not embarrass himself in Harare where most global diplomats live? When they meet without us, for goodness's sake what do they say about us Africans whose philosophy of Ubuntu is just by words of mouth. Zimbabwe is a very sad and cruel place to live in; this is not a secret.

Source - Nomazulu Thata
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