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Patriotic Act will leave ZANU PF supporters out of the definition

29 Nov 2021 at 19:29hrs | Views
The recently tabled patriotic bill in the Zimbabwe parliament will expose that ZANU PF supporters, surrogates and appendages are not patriotic.

You cannot have a whole party that claims to have gone to take up arms of war to liberate a country accused of genocide and crimes against humanity of being patriotic.

The abuse of women, opposition, human rights defenders, journalists like yours truly, students and war veterans can never be a patriotic act.

These are the clear hallmarks of the same ZANU PF government which wants to gazette an act of patriotism to people.

The act is a further abuse entrenchment of a dictatorship hellbent on retaining power, power at all costs regardless of what the rest of e people say.

This will enable the ruling and ruining elite to steal, kill, rape, displace loot, coerce violate with impunity.

Once the act is passed the opposite will show that only ZANU PF supporters are the most unpatriotic individuals under the Zimbabwe sky.

Forced and coerced removals from ancestral lands happening in the communal lands without consultation but impunity can never be described as patriotic.

Since the selling and bargaining of all-natural resources to China is not defined as highest chicanery it is treasonous, well any charged with treason can never be associated with patriots. The whole of Zimbabwe has been sold to China and the Chinese are busy looting and bullying the citizens while denying victims of displacements their basic human rights of owning their centuries old ancestral lands.

The hated Chinese are busy telling communal lands citizens that they do not have papers to the land they occupy hence forth there are going to remove them by force since there connected to the highest offices.

So there is nothing patriotic when you give a sojourner the whole basket of food, while leaving your children starving can it be called patriotic.

China has robbed Zimbabweans of their country's natural resources.

Opposing the regime because of their bad and polluted politics will see the ruling elite frothy but to okay looting and corruption will make a "good and patriotic citizen".

The opposition is called and labelled terrorists, sellouts, and other despicable names because a patriot is a ZANU PF supporter condoning corruption, human rights abuse, gender based violence and killing the opposition.

Is terrorism defined by exposing corruption, telling everyone that the ruling elite is stealing and abusing taxpayer's money, a big no only those coming downing from trees because they are of the animal kingdom.

If you oppose the regime even though you were in the trenches you are unpatriotic, a sellout and a terrorist.

Rugare Gumbo, the last surviving member of the War Council during the war is now a non-patriot because he is not for corruption, human rights abuse, rape, gender violence and all pariah state operations.

Joyce Mujuru, Didymus Mutasa, and others who are no longer in books with the regime are not patriots but sellouts, cockroaches and terrorists who are hellbent on destroying the country.

While the opposition MDC Alliance is nothing but a tool of the west to which it is very highly treasonous since it brought sanctions on Zimbabwe, but the truth sanctions were brought by violence, vote-rigging, looting, corruption, that is bad politics and poisoned political space.

So patriots are just but only ZANU PF supporters whose mandate bootlicking, praise singing, looting, corruption, gender based violence, killing, and genocide are the true patriots, sons and daughters of the soil.

The patriotic act will be defined to mean supporting ZANU PF and its nefarious activities while denying victims of its undignified acts of violence and coercion the same rights.

The whole act is meant to mean creating surrogate opposition, violence, killing, corruption, weaponising the law, stealing, displacing people, and genocide.

The rule of law, democracy, press freedom, human rights, credible free and fair elections, are the ruling elite enemies all advocating for these must be jailed, if not killed.

The best democratic principles will not be dear but will only solicit government wrath since you will be a terrorist, sellout, cockroach and unpatriotic since the elite does not believe in these. The patriotic act is defined to meet ZANU PF needs not proper definitions of the word.

Phosiwe Ncube

Source - Phosiwe Ncube
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