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'Pink Pigs' feed millions of hungry 'independent' Zimbabwean citizens; they demand human rights & the rule of law on our behalf

29 Nov 2021 at 19:55hrs | Views
They bite the hand that feeds them in the sense of the word. European countries from the west collect resources from their hard-won taxpayers and afford food aid to countries facing starvation and hunger due to many reasons. For reasons unbeknown to us they continue to assist countries in Africa yearly especially on food aid. Food aid to African countries is now on their budgets yearly, they know there will be serious food securities in some parts of Africa. If they do not send food securities citizens will starve to death, Zanu regime do not give a f*ck about the death of its own citizens due to hunger and starvation.

Despite unending insults from Zanu PF leaders we wonder still how Caucasians continue to send food aid: they continue to condemn atrocities perpetrated on us on our behalf by Zanu PF that prides to have removed colonialism. Civilised countries are moving away from "hate speeches" but in Zimbabwe hate speeches are politics of the day. The more you utter racists speeches literally insulting the Caucasians, you are considered brave and a patriotic citizen.

After the hate speech by one of the Zanu PF cadres, I waited to see if the government will condemn this hateful speech: to call a people "pink pigs" is hateful. I wonder if a Caucasian called a black person "nigger" how the global reaction was going to be. It was going to be a global chain-reaction. We have Zimbabwean citizens in all Caucasian countries; citizens who have fled Zimbabwe for one reason or another. In the UK, we have a million Zimbabweans living there. I do not even mention USA or Canada or Australia, New Zealand. I am here in Germany living with thousands of Zimbabwean, for reasons we cannot return to Zimbabwe.

If these countries were as small minded as our government in Harare, they would have told us to pack and leave their countries because we have independent Zimbabwe after all. They allow us to stay here at their benevolence. They will not force anyone to leave their countries to equalize hate speeches or tit for tat vitriols coming from Zimbabwean government cadres. Zanu PF nurtures hate speeches, it is born out of hate speeches; Zanu PF prides itself of uttering hate speeches unimaginable by common sense; feel good and politically correct when they utter hate speeches referring the othering as cockroaches and lice, and to the colonisers "pink Pig" extending these hate speeches to UK, the colonial master.

But it is very intriguing how Zanu PF worships the English culture at the same time will scold the British establishment if it suits them. Contradictions! How a Zimbabwean prides speaking Shakespeare English standard! Zimbabwean establishment loves English and England to the point of madness, beginning with Robert Gabriel Mugabe right down to ordinary citizens.
In the words of John Huruva, a political colleague of mine: "can we be civil" and behave as civilized people. The "pink pigs" have set a high bar for the African to reach them. So to get attention from their pedestalized position is to shout the unimaginable: "pink pigs" an insult paralleled to calling a black person "nigger". Do we really need to go back to the dark days of history? In retrospect the very Caucasians are moving away from racism starting from their institutions and are genuinely calling for diversity and inclusion. Predicates such as diversity and inclusion in Zimbabwe are unknown terms that need centuries to embrace and develop in the hearts and minds of citizens for the next 500 years to come. How many citizens of Caucasian origin do we have in Zimbabwe? How do they feel when we insult them as "pink pigs"? How low can we still go with racist rantings so hurtful?

"Pink pigs" he is desperately referring to the Lords at the House of Lords in London: one of them is Kate Hoey who now sits at the House of Lords was the target of hate speech by an illiterate Zanu PF cadre. She is upfront when it comes to Zimbabwean issues. She is of Caucasian who is fighting for the rights of Zimbabwean citizens who are at the hands of a despotic government. The day Mnangagwa came into power, she never was bamboozled by the transfer of power from Mugabe to Mnangagwa; The Mnangagwa regime takeover from Mugabe is a Mugabe mark two; she said. How many of us Zimbabweans could foresee that illusionary of power transfer? Kate Hoey saw it coming!

The Zimbabwean government is desperate to reach out to the former coloniser, the UK. This is evidenced by the excitement that the Zanu PF displayed at the invitation to Glasgow, a UN climate summit of nations states. It gave the impression that Prime minister Boris Johnson had invited president Mnangagwa for a 10 downing Street visit. Zanu PF never informed the gullible public that it was strictly a UN invitation and never a UK government invitation. The Zimbabwe delegation together with Mnangagwa at the conference were never allowed to stray from defined boundaries of the UN Glasgow conference except the clergies who were allowed to meet the Archbishop of Canterbury with a mandate to argue sanction's removal on Zimbabwe.

It is worth of note the photo shooting of Mnangagwa and BoJo at the Glasgow conference: it was the most pathetic photo one could imagine. Mnangagwa was desperate for a photo with BoJo to sell it to the Zimbabwean public that he arrived. Pikinini Mnangagwa in the middle: proud to be photographed with BoJo, but BoJo was evidently at pains to be photographed on the side of Mnangagwa and another dignitary, it was obvious in the pic. The bitterness must come from the part of the government who did not get the audience they wanted to sell home. Hence the hate speech coming from Zanu PF now lashing back at the UK House of Lords, are reminded of the same music: colonialism.

The Zimbabwean government is desperate of getting lines of credit that have been closed indefinitely because these lines of credit are abused by the government. These western countries have the power to suffocate despotic countries who do not adhere to the basic rule of law and human rights. It factually means that the colonisers of yesterday are now the ones fighting on our behalf for basic human rights from despotic nations. To call the othering "pink pigs" is satanic, racist, and stupid. Civilized people should uphold dignity in their speeches. It is wholly outdated to utter racist vitriol to western nations that irrevocably provide food aid to vulnerable citizens in our midst.

Zanu PF cares a f*ck about vulnerable rural people who are in desperate need of food aid. They are biting the hands that feed the desperate and the forgotten citizens whose basic needs are met by taxpayers of Caucasian origins: "pink pigs" They demand that Zanu PF governments must adhere to the rule of law and are now the ones fighting for human rights on our behalf because our hands and mouths are tied. And this we shall call independence of Africa, my foot!

Source - Nomazulu Thata
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