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Mnangagwa, is Zimbabwe a sovereign state or a pariah, failed state?

12 Dec 2021 at 11:50hrs | Views
What is sovereign about Zimbabwe whose government fails to give its people basics such as food securities for all, good education for all, basic health facilities, good all-weather roads, water & sanitation is deplorable in all towns and cities, no employment for the youth and graduates? About five million population fled economic hardships from their country: some are languishing in the streets of Johannesburg. Thousand's street kids have been sentenced to poverty and destitution for the rest of their lives. For Mnangagwa to begin to talk about a sovereign state in Zimbabwe is laughable. Some Africans love respect even if they do not deserve it by a stretch of imagination. Mnangagwa is telling the UK to respect the nation's sovereignty. He is telling the UK to respect "his Zimbabwe".

Zimbabwean government cannot talk about sovereignty if they cannot feed its population that is chronically threatened with food insecurities, and they expect the benevolence of the former colonial master who will deduct its hard-earned taxes to feed the population of the former colony. It does not make sense to demand sovereignty from the UK if it is the UK that will feed the poor and destitute caused by an irresponsible government that has no idea bout how to run a good functional government with only 15 million population.

Zimbabwe is a pariah state from the Zambezi escarpment right up to Limpopo River, said Ian Douglas Smith before he died. The UK government makes contingencies to budget for food aid to failed colony of former Rhodesia because the liberators from colonialism are incapable of making better the lives of the black people from where the colonies left. We are worse off today under Zanu PF than in the past UDI-Smith regime. Zanu government, instead of being ashamed of an obvious fact that they are dismally failing to run a government: they continue to heap insults on the hand that feeds part of the nation's population; they send small fishes in the party to speak the unimaginable: "Pink pigs" hate speech openly targeted at Baroness Kate Hoey.

The House of Lords were deliberating the situation of Zimbabwe, rightly so because of the failure of Mnangagwa to run a civil government that adheres to human rights and to uphold the rule of law. It did not matter how the Zanu government shouts at the UK establishment to respect its sovereignty, they will continue to demand the rule of law and upholding human rights because the UK is responsible for about one million Zimbabwean citizens living in the UK alone. In South Africa alone we are three million citizens who will do everything in their power to stay in South Africa than to come back to their country of birth: the same in the UK too. What sovereignty is Zanu talking about if a third of its population is squatting in foreign lands?

The Zimbabwean government is desperate to join the commonwealth countries but will say: "Zimbabwe is a sovereign State that has been independent from colonial rule since 1980 and is not even affiliated to the Commonwealth of nations, a body which it voluntarily quit over differences related to her just land reform programme". How many emissaries has Zanu PF sent to the Commonwealth department desperately and literally begging to be admitted once more in the Commonwealth? How disingenuous is this Zanu government? Who does not know that to this day Zanu government has not expiated the white landowners who were removed violently from their farms? Land reclamation was not professionally executed by the Zanu regime.

The rule of law, the gross human rights atrocities that Zanu PF government perpetrates with impunity cannot go unchallenged. Much as it is believed that the farms invasions was to correct the land question that belongs to the indigenous Zimbabweans, it is the method to get the land back that remains a sticking point to this day. The thuggery aspect of Zanu PF transcends beyond race. We have black people who farms are invaded by the thugs in the party and government to this day. What sovereignty can you still talk about in a country that does not respect the rule of law, basic human rights, sanctity of life?

What sovereignty can Mnangagwa and Zanu talk about if it continues to devour its children? Here is a country with history of genocide and the president has blood on his hands: he was the main perpetrator of genocide in Matabeleland and Midlands. Zanu fails to make amends with a slender "sorry" but will demand to be seen as a sovereignty state. There should never be decency given to a government like Zanu PF. They abduct the youth and subject them to torture and rape and killings and they still insist that they are a sovereign state. We demand still to know where Itai Dzamara is. Honourable Mamombe and the other two were forced to utter falsehood about their abductions: we are to shout sovereignty to please criminals in our midst. History books will be filled with real stories on how many people were murdered by Mnangagwa alone.

Zimbabwe is not yet a sovereign state because atrocities committed in this country after independence in 1980 right up to the coup of 2017 have not yet been addressed. There is a lot we still need to know about the casualties of the coup. We are bamboozled citizens, but Zanu cannot continue to deceive nations like the UK or EU or the UN-body. The UN cannot take any action because as long as the citizens to do not claim their country back from theft by Zanu PF, their hands are tied. Remember how many people got excited about the 2017 coup only to turn out to be a nightmare: in 2018, six people were gunned down by a brutal regime followed by the 2018 January shootings that left dozens people shot down, murdered by the second dispensation at the behest of Mnangagwa or Chiwenga.

Mnangagwa is Mugabe mark 2, said Baroness Kate Hoey. The youth of Zimbabwe should liberate themselves from the jaws of Zanu PF. The youth are the ones who will give this nation a sovereignty status and not thugs, criminals, and thieves in Zanu PF government. They have no sovereignty to talk about even by a stretch of imagination. Mnangagwa is claiming sovereignty on behalf of his close ruling class and his family and never on behalf of the entire nation. A ruthless man of the likes of Mnangagwa who has murdered thousands in his lifetime cannot continue to claim and demand sovereignty on our behalf: we reject this!

Source - Nomazulu Thata
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