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Thokozani Khupe tasting her own medicine

17 Dec 2021 at 17:23hrs | Views
The MDC-T outfit is just a reconfiguration and transformation  of fatigued, greedy visionless politicians, retired by democratic process.

The likes of Douglas Mwonzora, Morgan Komichi, Thokozani Kuphe and Elias Mudzuri are people who have no ideology that unites them but just the hatred of Nelson Chamisa and moreover resisting generational renewal in the opposition.

Internal ructions are very common in every organisation but at the end people must always find ways to unite and iron out issues and challenges. They must learn to swallow their pride in order to achieve their intended goals.

The recalling of MDC-T Vice President by Mr Douglas Mwonzora was predictable.  What goes around comes around. Thokozani Khupe is now tasting her own medicine. What you do to others is what they do to you. He who kills by the sword will die by the sword.

Mwonzora and Khupe preferred to dump the electorate and decided to play their games in the hands of Zanu PF  and found peace in using the captured courts forgetting that the best court is the public opinion.

It seems this song of "recalling" sounds very melodious and sweet when sung by these two political mongers masquaranding as leaders.

I knew such a time like this was coming when Mwonzora was going to elbow out his opponents and those whom he perceived wanted to tear apart his political ambition and replacing them with his acolytes.

Now that opposition MDC-T Vice-President Thokozani Khupe has made a High Court application to stop any recallings and expulsions of her close allies in parliament and councils who are facing dismissals after a party National Council meeting in Harare, we are going to witness some brickbats in the camp.

Douglas Mwonzora is still inching to become an official leader of the state sponsored opposition in parliament hence trying to shove out Amai Thokozani Khupe.

Currently Thokozani Khupe's political career is now precariously hanging with a thread and has officially reached its twilight.

The castle she built when she remained loyal to MDC-T after she refused to be part and parcel of MDC-ALLIANCE has crumbled and any futile attempt to rejoin MDC Alliance will probably land her just a mere card holding member starting from the grassroots level because no one would like to trust her political moves. Some concerned members suspect that she might be a Mwonzora implant who is carrying ultra  motives of spying on Chamisa.

However people are now more responsive to political leaders who are carrying a vision of the masses than politicians who are into politics to enrich themselves and fatten their pockets like Mwonzora and Khupe. Surely you can't make omlets with bad eggs.

It is now crystal clear that all this fighting for political recognition and power is not to serve the ordinary people who are suffering on the ground but is driven by selfishness and personal agrandisement.

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Source - Leonard Koni
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