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Makomborero Haruzivishe out of notorious Chikurubi: Halleluiah

30 Dec 2021 at 11:14hrs | Views
My mother, Mrs Sihwa sat in Chikurubi accused of the same accusations that sent what could be her grandson Makomborero to prison: same length of time. When she was released on grounds of ill-health, she fled Rhodesia them and went into exile in Zambia. Not even in our maddest senses could we imagine, back then, that a regime that fought injustices for the black majority, would criminally incarcerate innocent Makomborero. We are now reliving the brutalities of Douglas Smith's UDI meted on our children who are supposed to be enjoying the fruits of hard-won independence. Is this the irony of history? The brutalities of the past racist regime are perpetuated by a black regime: a Chikurubi that has even dilapidated from its past cruelties. A black Zanu prison is worse than that of colonial Douglas Smith. If Zanu PF was human, they would be ashamed.

I have learnt to appreciate small events: that Makomborero is out of that notorious prison, we thank the heavens that he came out alive. To me his bail means and sure to most of those who wished him well, a bonus like no other in 2021. We hope he recovers from the trauma he was subjected to. What Makomborero should know is that he has set the motion for yet another revolution that will remove Zanu from power. If the Mnangagwas and Chiwengas of today think that their repressive regime will last forever: they must be told that their barbaric attributes will rudely come to pass. The people of Malawi are revolting against a regime that has no clue about service delivery to the people who literally look up at them to turn around their lives of poverty and destitution to decent life expectations of the 21st century.

Power is delusional, a privileged position could be delusional. The coup thugs who removed Mugabe from power are enjoying the bubble that cold burst anytime. Reading the news how Mnangagwa persuaded president Ramaphosa to renew permits of destitute Zimbabweans in South Africa is telling that he fears the millions of Zimbabweans coming home; They will be a game changer; will brood no nonsense from a repressive regime of Zanu. Evidently, they will stand up against the powerful Chiwenga's army and demand change and I am as sure about this as the day following the night. They saw it in South Africa how citizens challenged ANC, a party and government gone neo-liberal, busy serving global capital at the expense of the commoners.

Many events are conspiring against Zanu regime: The magnitude of corruption, robberies executed by hungry soldiers and police are signs of the times. Zanu will not survive these winds of change at their doorsteps. It will happen in as much as it has happened in other parts of southern Africa. The courage that Chief Murinye exemplified to the nation can never be suppressed by a simpleton of the likes of Chiwenga who, in his limited simple mind thinks Zimbabwe is a monarch of the Munhumutapa chieftaincy of 500 hundred years. Is he saying we as a nation must press back the time to 500 years? Zimbabwe is regressing because we have uneducated and uncivilized leadership: they do not know if they are going or coming.

Chief Murinye thought loudly what the nation is saying lowly: it is normal we fear Chiwenga's guns that have no mercy. Hence, we are not supposed to question contradictions in our judiciary systems. We have constitutional laws on one hand, and African unwritten laws on the other hand that are constantly at cross purposes. Zimbabwe is a democratic government with a constitution: The whole vice president is saying we have a monarch of Munhumutapa, and he is full of it: the nation are to abide, obey it without questioning its contradictions with the nation's constitution.

Chiwenga is incensed with power; He wants to remove Mnangagwa because he removed Mugabe from power by copying the causal symptoms that removed Robert Mugabe from power in the first place. In Chiwenga's limited thought processes, we are just a mindless crown that is to be told how to obey the Munhumutapa monarch. We are educated, stupid!

For speaking on behalf of the nation, Chief Murinye gave the nation a rich vein of hope. Makomborero Haruzivishe is tempted to feel he lost 24 months wasted imprisonment at Chikurubi. I wish to assure our young man that his incarceration makes and reshapes Zimbabwean history. The bravery to stand against Zanu regime is a virtue: no mean feat. The coming generation will read about him and inform themselves that the life of sacrifice for the betterment of the generality is honourable. We need such examples in our history. Remember Nelson Mandela and his noble example to the African youth; even the global peoples are still in awe and wonder about his life of sacrifice.

President Hakainde Hichilema knows the trepidations of a life in a black prison. I am sure Makomborero will share notes with him about inhuman treatment, degrading, and sarcastic experiences in black prisons.

Makomborero Haruzivishe must realise the ray of hope. Evil forces may show the upper hand of ruthlessness but at the end it is the goodness and kindness that prevails above all odds. U Tixo ngowethu sonke: Mwari ndewedu tese. In moments of prayer to the universe, you are in my mind dear Mako. You are suffering because of the mistakes we made in the past of voting for Zanu PF in power in the first place. We wish we should have done better. However, that is correctable.

Realizing that true revolutions can claim generations, we depart from this world with hope that Makomborero Haruzivishe and all those of your generation will take the revolution to a higher level. Zanu is selling the nation's resources to foreigners to enjoy them on our behalf. We never fought for the liberation and freedom of Zimbabwe so that Chinese nationals can enjoy our resources that are in abundance, sometimes cruelly removing citizens from their ancestral lands, some of which are sacred: The audacity to use African cheap labour to extract those mineral rich resources is just the height of folly, an open insult to the coming generations who will have nothing to their names. China will one day be able to occupy portions of Africa to repay debt we are not able to repay today.

When I depart from the present consciousness of life going to claim another form of consciousness, I hope my last breath will be able to let out an apology to the youth of this great nation of Zimbabwe just to pacify my burdened soul wherever it will be.

Source - Nomazulu Thata
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