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It rained 'Elephants and Buffaloes' in Chiweshe today (29 December 2021)

30 Dec 2021 at 11:27hrs | Views
To say it rained cats and dogs may be actually being economic with the truth. Saying it rained elephants and buffaloes may give a modicum of justice to the copious rains that pounded my home area on 29th of instant.

The thunder that rumbled overheard would remind octogenarians and nanogenarians of the relentless bombing by the Germans over London during the two great world wars.

Wars that nobody won, every nation shared the great loss that beset humanity, a loss whose timeless scares show de facto and de jure prejudice to this day. Well, the lightning that accompanied the storms is something noone wants to see again.

A streak, a slash and a blinding flash that left people momentarily half sighted. Heavens bear immense power that noone born of a woman can put words to. It rained for only about an hour but the ferocity of the storm made it appear two days of downpours with its attended sounds and flashes. Is that what Moses heard and saw whilst engrossed in the spiritual mystery of the burning bush, if so then he was no common human. My little homestead was flooded in no time. The little makeshift chicken-run looked and behaved as if it would 'vomit' its occupants. My deep sounding Covid related cough became petty sound in the face of Heavenly drumbeat .

Trees were windswept, bending high and low like workers on industrial action for more quid. Of course though frighted, everyone in Chinehasha and Chirimugaha villages was happy to receive rains after a delayed onset of the season.

The young maize crop in Chiweshe had become shriveled, twisted like a leaks platantation. The tobacco crop seemed giving a weak goodbye  to the already dejected farmer. Now there is a great flicker of hope, all crops have received a new lease of life and potential for a bountiful harvest.

Shall we say Hello God, or Praise be to God. The choice is yours. All we know is plenty rains came down today. God is wonderfull, omnipotent and omnimerciful. So all hands on deck, let's make Zimbabwe great again. Mask up.

Thomas Tondo Murisa. Chiweshe.

Source - Thomas Tondo Murisa
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