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Woman undresses hubby in court

31 Dec 2021 at 07:27hrs | Views
FED up with being a punching bag, a Bulawayo woman went to court for protection but went further and embarrassed her husband when she revealed that he beats her up because he is weak in bed.

Tarisai Mhike (26) said the problem started in March this year after she stumbled upon a WhatsApp message that her husband Patrick Mhike (39) had exchanged with his side chick.

A couple of days after that he allegedly failed to perform his conjugal rights. Tarisai questioned him about that and he was evasive.

But the problem continued and Tarisai said she advised him to seek help from a medical practitioner.

She said he agreed but he did not seek medical help. She went on to say she was angered by that and confronted him over why he was reluctant to seek medical help.

Things got awry as her husband fumed and bashed her while accusing her of being a prostitute and a sex addict.

Tarisai said each time he was from a booze; he would verbally and physically abuse her. She said she is afraid her abusive husband would end up killing her because at times he would throttle her and hit her with anything that he lays his hands on.

In her affidavit she said: "My name is Tarisai Mhike. I'm married to Patrick Mhike and we have been married for 15 years.

He verbally and physically abuse me while labelling me a prostitute and a woman who loves sex. The problem started when I told him that he was failing to sexually satisfy me. After that whenever he is from a booze he would shout at me and would assault me."

The presiding magistrate Jeconia Prince Ncube granted Tarisai protection against her husband. He was ordered to refrain from verbally and physically abusing his wife.

Source - B-Metro
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