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Merry Chiwenga is unfit to see her children but fit to stand trial: What a travesty of justice

31 Dec 2021 at 15:05hrs | Views
Of all the events of injustice that happened in 2021 is that of Merry Chiwenga. This is a woman, not so long ago, was saluted by Zanu PF members and supporters as the second lady of the Republic of Zimbabwe. At the stroke of the gong she is vilified and is told to go to hell! Men and women alike are pocking scorn at her: "she refused her first husband to see his children and therefore she must be made to suffer the same punishment pain of what her first husband went through. Here we go: Zimbabweans are judges and advocates at the same breath. Pain is the national feed. Where is your philosophy of UBUNTU?

Merry, by all account is terminally ill. Whatever condition she is suffering from, she is in a bad health state that demands comprehensive treatment never mind if she gets treatment outside the country. The nation is supposed to be on her side it did not matter what mishaps she did in the past. Curiously, Zimbabwe is 95% Christian. It confuses how we practice our Christian faith. We are known as people who are merciless if such social misdemeanours are committed by a woman. We forget the teachings of the bible and pleasure ourselves at the pain of our next. Pain has always been a means of punishment in this nation. Remove the bible for a moment and you see how animalistic we can be.

We have no judiciary to talk about if one person determines the "rule of law" that suits him. It is so to speak, a captured judiciary. Painfully, it was none either than Chiwenga on the night of the coup who held the nation's constitution high deceitfully arguing that the coup was not a coup, but a change of government in accordance with the constitution. This comes back to my argument that African unwritten laws and those in the nation's constitution are in stark contradictions. Painfully still, Chiwenga has no capacity to differentiate two conflicting laws: those of Munhumutapa and the democratic constitution.

Vividly, I still remember when General Constantino Chiwenga arrived back from China where he was a given a second life by the Chinese Medical System, by the way, whose medical treatment was paid for by our diamond revenues. The first Sunday service Chiwenga was photographed in a kneeling position literally thanking his gods and ancestors for a successful treatment and is still alive. Having had a damaged oesophagus treatment due to poisoning done to him by his political next of kin, his anger must be directed to those who wanted him gone, dead and not Merry.

Seeing Chiwenga at a kneeling position one asks intriguing questions: How did he formulate his prayers; what was he praying: narcissistic prayers? Was he forgiving those who nearly eliminated him but excluding Merry in his prayers? Can Christian request prayers be done selectively to suit personal targets. Does the religion he practices allow Chiwenga to punish Merry and her children but be able to absolve Mnangagwa completely; Mnangagwa tried to get rid of him on several occasions: These are two Zanu giants staged a coup together to remove Mugabe? We will never know how many people perished after that coup but what we know is that so many people perished in that transfer of power from one dispensation to the next including the former foreign affairs minister Sibusiso Moyo: thanks to "covid 19" that is used as the cause of death if it is not death by suspicious fires in spacious penthouses in Borrowdale.

We have said it that a nation born out of pain: deaths, counter-killings. greed, suffering will result in the manifestations of chronic violence for generations to come. To consciously inflict pain on the next cannot be the modus operandi done by leaders of the nation. It is common knowledge and not a secret that Mnangagwa is a murderer. However, we wish Chiwenga could have done better amid suffering, battling for his life after poisoning and he nearly lost his life. A whole General, to go for the weakest to revenge the threat for his life: Merry, we wish Chiwenga would have directly gone for persons or the person who gave Merry orders to remove life serving gadgets on Chiwenga in a South African hospital.

It is now clear to all why Mugabe appointed Chiwenga to become Army General, he thought appointing the likes of Chiwenga was safe, he is daft, he will never stage a coup against him. Well, the rest is history. Chiwenga is seemingly failing to dislodge Mnangagwa from power. Rumour says there was a pact that Mnangagwa was to take over from the coup for 5 years, and Chiwenga was next after the first Mnangagwa five years rule. This arrangement by the two is dead and buried. Mnangagwa sees himself in power until 2030. Chiwenga's health is against him. He will not survive that long even if he has a second life from the nine lives, he has in store from the Chinese health system.

I personally had hoped that there shall be a public outcry regarding the way Chiwenga handled his divorce with Merry. The nation, if they demonstrated against Chiwenga telling openly that he is a national leader and must be exemplary to the nation. That act of defiance would have given some precedence that the African continent has a noble philosophy of UBUNTU that should be adhered to irrespective of who it is. The nation if marred by abuse on women and children, obviously if the second head of state can be "law" unto himself, how and where are the commoners going to emulate good practices, dignified, respectful behaviours towards their spouses at homes?

If Merry Chiwenga died under these circumstances: she is not allowed to see her children and she is not allowed to go for treatment abroad; her bank accounts are frozen, then the nation will bear a collective stain of her death. No human being should be treated in the way Merry is treated. She is going through hell at the hands of the almighty in the land. Even Mnangagwa does not care two pence about Merry anymore. And we must remain silent too and look on because Merry refused her first husband to visit his children: How narrow-minded, how cheap is this argument against a desperate women. What if Merry regrets this and has spoken to her God about it. As I said, our nation knows no mercy especially if it's done by a woman. Even our women alike rejoice at the pain Merry is going through because this nation is born out of pain and violence, it is the pain that is nurturing us. will remain so for the coming generations.

Source - Nomazulu Thata
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