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Check if Desmond Tutu landed in heaven please Prophet Madungwe?

03 Jan 2022 at 10:25hrs | Views

Issues of spirituality were deliberately designed to be ambiguous by God himself. For human purpose on Earth to be meaningful, fundamental ambiguity in the very existence of God must be in place.

If we knew objectively, that God exists and God put us on Earth so that we could freely choose or deny him, we all would choose to worship him, but that choice wouldn't be as free as it is today.

God designed his entire administration, and its operational system, to become a doubtful Institution which no one living could claim to know. God designed "Faith" as the only test a man can freely choose or deny him.

"Faith" means believing in something one has not seen or touched.

So many people find it difficult to conclude, in their solitary space, whether or not God exists, which is why we have Bishop Mapongas.

The amount of thinking, skill and lifetime experiences needed to conclude the God phenomenon is just too niche for everyone to spontaneously dance on. Only a few individuals in life have ever taken time to think about any other explanation on how atoms are bound together? how many atoms there are in all matter in the Universe? How many planets there are in the entire Universe? How many planets have life?

How many Galaxies in the entire Multiverse? How, if not God, the Multiverse came into existence and who manages it and keeps it in harmonious stability?

Ordinary people only think in tiny spaces which appear big in their tiny eyes and imagination.They take pride and talk with a sense of strong entitlement in that "I am American, l am British, l am an lndian, l am Chinese, l am an African, l am an Arab, l am a Jew"  etc.

They can even kill for that National sense of possessivity. If you took time to look at the size of America, in comparison to the Multiverse, you would quickly understand how small a human mind is and why the size of a human mind cannot conclude the existence of God with all the evidence of God in front of our eyes.

The Bible then goes on to pour more narrowing in an already narrow space by saying that not all who say "God, God' will see the Kingdom of Heaven.

To say one is Universally known as a Priest does not mean that every Priest is guaranteed of Heaven. In the narrowed paths of Faith, you will find Priest who spend all their lives on the pulpit, but turn out to be Paedophiles, Pretenders, Liars, Murderers, Deceivers, Tools of a third force,  Thieves, Extortioners, False witnesses, Scripture bashers and secret Satanists. You also will find very straightforward, reliable, consistent, faithful Priests who try everything to practise what they preach without being tempted by populism.

On the 26th of July 2013, l read a Newspaper article which claimed that Desmond Tutu said he would not worship a Homophobic God. What l know about God is that God does not change, God does not please, God does not bend for popular attention-seeking, God does not compromise and his word cannot be corrected by anyone who has discovered new truths on Earth. 

I also know that God does not judge his people, including his Priests in the same way my brain perceives right and wrongs of Faiths. 

There are so many things in the Bible which confuse me or are just too difficult for me to practice. But, l would not stand on public platforms and utter the creations, ignorance or rebelliousness of my sinful mind, as a fact of righteousness. I would not stand on public platforms, at free will, and utter statements which are sweet in the ears of modern woke and populist cultures but in opposition to the written word of God.

Desmond Tutu had extended free will because of his advantage of being a British Operative on South African soil. Britain, as usual, used him as a conduit to influence policy, culture and the perception of right and wrong in South Africa and Africa. This is an open secret because if it is known by a simple person like me, it would be known by many. 

Results of foreign conduits in Africa produce high rates of divorce in a continent that used to be family-safe. Ubuntu has almost diminished because we have foreign-influenced leaders who speak to Africans as if they speak from their own wisdom while speaking for foreign saboteurs.

Where British Newspapers and media sing praise songs to a Black person, you must be guaranteed that such an individual is a conduit into influencing policy to the advantage of British economy. Songs like "Ramaphosa, Ramaphosa", from British songbook are very much  known in Africa since year 1752 when Africans first met Europeans. 

Africans know the divide and rule tactics and the strategic ambiguity tools used by foreign saboteurs.

During Apartheid, British songbooks had "Mongosuthu Buthelezi, Lucas Mangope, Bishop Muzorewa" and people like Nelson Mandela, Joshua Nkomo, Samora Machel, Robert Mugabe were all labelled as terrorists.

The judgement about Desmond Tutu here on Earth is clear. His name was present on British songbooks at the point of his death, and we know how South African culture has been influenced by far away Nations using people like him and Ramaphosa.

Just a year ago, l learnt the new English word "polyandry" from South Africa and its weak and easily influenced low I. Q  leaders.

Apartheid has taken a new form where Africans are forced to conform to foreign influenced experiments. Tutu, in my view, failed to speak for God as a Priest,  and successfully managed to speak for British influence on South African soil. 

South Africa has become a World Laboratory for any British experiments. This is a crime far more than Apartheid. The confusion brought by cruel and foreign experiments produce children with no parents, children without control and a cultureless Nation.

Tutu would go out of his way to condemn Mandela, sweet-talk Winnie Mandela into admiting a crime, condemn Thabo Mbeki, condemn Jacob Zuma just to raise his populist profile on British songbooks which put his pictures on all media around the World.

In Zimbabwe, there is a prophet Madungwe who claims that he visits Heaven every now and then. I beg him to check, and report the whereabouts of Desmond Tutu. Although l never will believe Prophet Madungwe at all taking my knowledge from the Bible, but l know that he plays a role in getting the minds of people working. 

If you listened to his claims and you are a mature Christian, your mind would get working even better on issues of Faith, than when you do not even listen to Prophet Madungwe. I am instantly reminded of Robert Mugabe when he described Desmond Tutu as a little evil Bishop who was not even a darling of clear thinking South Africans in the ANC.

Source - Ryton Dzimiri
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