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What I Learnt From Romelu Lukaku

06 Jan 2022 at 15:04hrs | Views
Romelu Lukaku is a Chelsea player who recently spoke passionately about his former boss (coach) and former club (Inter Milan), while explicitly expressing his frustration with his new football manager @Chelsea. He criticized the system or formation used by his current coach/manager at Chelsea and even expressed his willingness to go back to his former club (Inter Milan) where he had excelled Inevitably, this angered his current manager and resulted in the player.

 Vital Lessons To Be Learnt From The Lukaku saga.

1. Never brag to your current coach about your ex

Bragging about your current employer or partner about your former or ex will always be met with some backfiring backlash. It doesn't matter how frustrated you might be, the strategy of bragging about how good the ex was in order to get better treatment, has never worked and it never will, period! It only results in punishment, relationship breakdown and being dropped from the Chelsea team!!!

2. The player doesn't decide the formation

It should be common sense, but in reality, very few people get this. It's easy to criticize Lukaku, without realizing that we are actually in the same boat. In any field, institution, career and's important to be totally aware of what you can or cannot control. Talented or gifted as you might be, it's imperative to realize that it's not always going to be about you.... there is a bigger picture! You are part of a bigger system that takes into consideration a diversity of skills from various members of the team. The vision and mission of the visionary and a broader strategic roadmap outlined by the leadership almost always transcends the preference of the individual player (with the exception of a very few - see number 3 of this article). There are many times you will not really agree with decisions made by the hierarchy or powers that be, nevertheless your response to your frustrations determines if u will get bitter or better. If you want to be a decision maker, be the coach and not the player. Players follow orders from the coach, and they must in essence seek ways to excel in their given roles within that system.

3. Be Leonel Messi

At the height of his exceedingly glamorous career, Messi defined what strategy or formation the coach designed. He was so good that the managers would actually ensure that any system, strategy or formation that they planned, had Messi in mind. When we become exceptionally good at what we do, we inevitably increase our influence on the company and coach's decisions! Stop whining and stop winning!

Lastly (Number 4), its imperative to study the information about the formation of your prospective team to determine if u will fit in. The fact that u are good and your prospective team is good doesn't guarantee that you will be good together. Eggs tastes good and sugar tastes good but eggs fried with sugar?? Hmmm, not so sure!


Source - Mthokozisi Gwizi
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