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How quick Chamisa would win with a "Robot" party name?

16 Jan 2022 at 14:48hrs | Views
A quick innovative miracle is needed in choosing Chamisa's new party name. The explorative process must consider ease to remember name, punch, humour, cross-age acceptability, cross-tribe acceptability, International adaptability, religious connotation and a punitive swipe across the face of shameless saboteurs.

I read, this morning, that Chamisa gave a hint of the new party name by mentioning Biblical Isaac and a quarrel over wells with the Philistines, what a genius?

Zimbabweans know their Scripture very well and they can research about it and get consoled about the choice and Scriptural origins of such a name.

Having chosen that exploration foundation, Chamisa's party must now be wiser and enlightened not to take a name which is too difficult or rare to remember in the imminent elections. This name, they must understand, is a future brand. Not everyone has read the Bible such that they would know about Isaac's wells named (1) Esek (2) Sitnah (3) Rehoboth.

We know that when well "Rehoboth" was dug up, the Philistines did not contest it after having contested the first two. "Rehoboth" is the obvious name Chamisa would be going for.

In the Design philosophy, one has to prioritise innovation in order to be marketable. Selecting the name Rehoboth lacks innovation as it is difficult to remember by voters in Chiwundura.

Any name near "Rehoboth" which is known to all party members to be a derivative of "Rehoboth" would be perceived with the same punch as "Rehoboth".

Chamisa must refine Rehoboth into "Robot"

Robot Party would be sang and danced upon by the youth as well as the elderly at all campaign rallies and public places. In three days time, the Universal name "Robot" Party would be known by over 11 Million Zimbabweans. By general election time in 2023, eighteen million Zimbabweans will be knowing the Robot Party and they will be punctuating it with a Robot dance. Julious Malema and Hakaende Hichilema would make a dancing gesture whenever mentioning the "Robot" Part of Democrats in Zimbabwe.

A Robot is a Universal instrument of CHANGE. It tells the driver, the cyclist and the pedestrian when to stop, to prepare to go, and to go. A Robot does not only speak one language. It speaks Bulgarian, Manyika, Japanese, Canadian, Chinese or even Pakistani.

Humour is a winner.

Knowing the background of where the name was derived from and the similar history of the death of Abraham and his wells, would remind people of Tsvangirai.

Tsvangirai formed his MDC and saboteurs filled it up as Philistines filled up Abraham's wells. We know that Chamisa tried to salvage Tsvangirai's vision just as Isaac, but Zanu, like the Philistines, used every trick to fill up Tsvangirai's wells.

Chamisa, a very religious boy (Mfanyana/ Mukomana), who is always guided by the Scriptures, is digging up Tsvangirai's wells just as lsaac. At one point before his death, Mugabe, Tsvangirai's torturer, confessed that Zimbabweans must leave Zanu and vote for a brighter future under Chamisa. Mugabe mentioned Chamisa by name, prophetically avoiding to use the name MDC as it would be filled up by Philistinic Zanu Saboteurs using Muzorewa or Mwodzora.

The well "Rehoboth", lnternationalised into "Robot" would quickly be shared in Binga, Murombedzi, Mbalabala, Chipinge, Zhombe, Soweto, Birmingham, Mkoba, Luveve, Chicago, Bujumbura, Riyadh, Tokyo and Chamisa would win his election even better than using MDC filled up wells.

Source - Ryton Dzimiri
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