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Bones of Bhalagwe, arise!

18 Jan 2022 at 20:10hrs | Views
The voice speaks to the bones that are scattered all over Matabeleland and Midlands. Arise! Bones that are in the stomach of Bhalagwe, stand up and refuse to be silenced. Arise and be counted! All the bones in shallow graves, rise up and fight. The bones whose bodies were disappeared, this message is for you too. And the bones of the living who lost their loved ones to the genocide, the breathing bones, should arise and deny the perpetrator any moment of peace. These are the living and breathing bones who should arise in respect and memory of their murdered relatives.

Scattered bones
The voice speaks to you all scattered bones. Stand up and unite for the fight. Gather yourselves. No one will do it for you. This is no longer the time to remain lonely, scattered and dispersed. This is the time to converge and fight the good fight against the murderer. Fight him in his sleep, in his wakefulness and everywhere. Cause him the mayhem befitting a murderer. Call him to account. Get into his brain, heart and intestines. Fail him to sleep even a single minute. Ask him why he murdered and slaughtered your flesh. Ask him the difficult questions of life and death. Questions that are asked the unrepentant killer by the bones of his victims.

Bones of the dead and murdered
The voice of the unseen speaks to you, bones of the dead and murdered. Visit the perpetrator every time; everyday. Keep him on his toes. Ask him why your flesh and bones were thrown into the shafts of Bhalagwe. Arise and shine, bones of the dead and unburied. Ask the questions that are asked by those who were killed for nothing. Ask piercing questions that cannot be ignored even by a mad man. Ask him questions of life and death. Questions that demand answers from the murderer. Bones of the dead and murdered of Bhalagwe, hand down a strong curse to the perpetrator and the children of his children. Grant him only the rest of a mad man roaming the streets of Rome. Condemn them all to the manner of your death. Let their dry bones beat each other and cause them no peace until they do the right thing, to be remorseful of their wrong-doing.

Bones in shallow graves
The voice speaks to you bones, that were dumped by the perpetrator in shallow graves throughout Matabeleland and Midlands. Arise and carry out the fight for justice and freedom. Take it to the unrepentant perpetrator. Ask him the questions that are only asked by the ill-treated and abused bones in shallow graves. The questions that only killers and murderers, should answer. The questions and petitions of rattling bones. The unyielding bones that demand answers from the serial murderer.
Spirit of the raped woman
Still, the voice speaks to you, restless spirit, of the woman who was raped and murdered. It spurs you to continue  singing the melancholic song of forced, abusive sex into the ears of the perpetrator, his children and wife. Sing the song of rape and other things until the perpetrator changes his evil, barbaric ways. Make his daughters and women go through what you went through. Be kind and share in equal measure amongst them, all the pain and agony you suffered. Let their future generations learn that rape and murder do not pay. Spirit of the woman who was raped and abused, stand up and return it to the perpetrator.

Bones of the disappeared
Bones of those who were taken away from their families and were disappeared by the perpetrator and never to be seen again, demand truth and justice for the wrongs done to you. Wherever you are, rise up and bring the perpetrator to book. The silent voice is speaking to you. Eat into the perpetrator's conscience like cancer. Burn him like a bushfire in Gwampa Forest. Cause him no peace everyday of his life. Demand answers on why you were disappeared just like that. Cause the perpetrator to reveal where you were disappeared to and why. Trouble the perpetrator every night and day until he repents. Sing all manner of curses to the killers and their families and condemn them to restlessness until they do the right thing. Teach them to respect the genocide memorial plagues.

Living bones, arise!
Now the inner voice speaks to you, the living bones! Arise, oh you the living bones with flesh! Let this voice prick your conscience. Gather and join the scattered bones as they too, arise. Be not bystanders as you hear the sound of the bones that yell in shallow graves. Partake with the bones and spirit of the women who were raped and murdered just like that. Stand up and unite with the bones of those innocent men and women who were disappeared and never seen to this day. Arise and unite with all the bones of your people. The innocent bones of your sisters, brothers, mothers and fathers who died for having liberated this country. Those who were murdered for speaking their own language which the evil perpetrator hates. Arise and fight for truth telling and justice.

Are you the living ones that are really living? Or you are the breathing but dead? Stand up and demand answers. Ask the questions that your forefathers and foremothers would ask of the perpetrator. Questions that a hero asks from the villain. Plain solid questions of flesh and blood. The questions that are asked by the living while in spirit with their departed ones. These are the questions that demand justice for the victims and the destruction of the genocide memorial plagues, the questions of life, blood, death and justice.
Bones of those in Bhalagwe, hear this voice and arise! Bones of the living; spirits of the innocent unarmed and murdered civilians, gather yourselves and unite for Bhalagwe!

Source - Nhlanhla Moses
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