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WATCH: Dr. Obert Mpofu a hero or thief?

21 Jan 2022 at 12:06hrs | Views
The question: What has Dr. Obert Moses Mpofu achieved for Zimbabwe and Zimbabweans has been asked by many people and yet met with different answers. Some have claimed without evidence that Obert Mpofu is a thief, others have claimed that he is greedy, selfish, and doesn't do anything for the nation.

Many who ask the question do it out of prejudice and bias and not out of a genuine objective to seek an answer. Dr. Mpofu has actually achieved quite a number of success stories that have shaped the course and direction of the nation.

Columnists and opinion-makers such as PETA Thornycroft among others won't tell the world of Mpofu's achievements because it doesn't suit the anti-ZANU PF and regime change agenda.

Mpofu's history of serving the nation can be traced to as far back as 1968/69 when he joined ZPRA and diligently served the liberation movement in different capacities.

Post-independence in October 1988  Mpofu received an unexpected cheque and instead of keeping quiet he blew the whistle on willowgate, the biggest corruption scandal to ever rock Zimbabwe.

Later he took over from Welshman Mabhena to become Governor Matebeleland North, as Governor he was instrumental in the Trans Limpopo Spatial Development Initiative TSDI, which would have created a development corridor that aimed at twining Limpopo province of South Africa with Mat North the project was derailed by MDC Mayors.

Recognizing his resourcefulness and dedication the then President Robert Mugabe appointed Mpofu Minister of Industry and International Trade. Under this ministry, Obert Mpofu initiated trade with China in consultation with the current President Emmerson Mnangagwa under the Look East Policy.

He went a step further and pushed for the Basic Commodities Supply Side Initiative (Bacossi) which gave consumers goods at cheaper prices. BACOSSI is now used as slang to mean something that is very affordable.

His success as Minister of Industry prompted President Mugabe to appoint Obert Mpofu as Minister of Mines. Before his assumption of office, Zimbabwe wasn't benefiting from her diamonds or mineral resources. The nation looked mostly up to Agriculture. He worked in consultation with President Mnangagwa and the current Vice President General Constantino Chiwenga to transform Zimbabwe's mining sector and Kimberly Certification was achieved for Zimbabwean diamonds. Mpofu created structures that brought in the much-needed United States Dollar. MDC Alliance Vice Tendai Biti as Minister of Finance relied on Obert Mpofu's structures to bring in Foreign currency.

Later he was appointed Minister of Transport and initiated a road rehabilitation program. Road signs, highway markings, and signs were spruced up and there was a visible improvement.

As Minister of Economic Planning Obert Mpofu operationalized Special economic zones and promoted the Ease of Doing business.

In 2017 Obert Mpofu chaired a historic meeting that ushered in the Second Republic, a new dispensation.

This is just a snippet of what Obert Mpofu has achieved at the national level.
Watch the video below for more:

Source - Nicholas Ncube
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