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Zimbabweans sold a dummy by the coup

24 Jan 2022 at 20:30hrs | Views
In 2017 some months after the coup, people were still gripped with some frenzy of excitement that Robert Mugabe the once powerful leader who ruled by iron fist has been dethroned.

Many people voted for President Emmerson Mnangagwa based on a maybe he can do better than Mugabe vibe as most people thought that he had learnt a few lessons on the weaknesses of his predecessor.

Most Zimbabweans wanted to give him a chance and there were high hopes that he could turn the economic crisis tables into good fortunes.

Unfortunately President Emmerson Mnangagwa has proven to be a monumental failure and a very big disappointment to the whole nation.

He came up with catchy words like "the voice of the people is the voice of  God and I am as soft as wool" but  a year down the lane the man failed to live up to his words. He started showing his true colours to the world.

Since the coup a lot of people were victimised both from his former members of his political party and those from the opposition. More of his party members are likely to be purged because he wants to have full control of the party.

People have lost trust and confidence  in the government and even civil servants are currently quitting in their droves especially from the health care sector where nurses have left for greener pastures.

The regime was warned that the country was going to lose healthcare workers because they were being paid nuts.

There is really nothing to write home about this new republic as it lacks the epitome of governance and leadership. Incompetence is the order of the day.

The second republic was just a fraud were the public was sold a dummy. It has dismally failed to deal with the scourge of corruption which has its deep roots in many government institutions. The accountability apparatus have since stopped working long time ago.

The country has continued on a path of serious international isolation due to lack of political reforms.

Business tenders are awarded to those who are loyal to the ruling party. Plundering of natural resources are continuing unabated
People are being displaced to pave way for those with economic muscle to take over.

Clansmanship is prevalent in this new republic with very incompetent people taking position of influence.

There are no jobs and the young people are jumping borders and we have created more economic refugees than employment. The system is just disheartening.

They cry critisising sanctions but they loot the country dry and are filthy rich. They live lavishly and buy expensive posh cars for their girlfriends and their children are seen driving latest top of the range cars.

Zanu-PF is full of looters. They have looted he country dry and want to continue in the same modus of operandi through this so called new republic.

For nearly four decades the party has some fingerprints of failed state dotted around the country for everyone to see. It has failed to bring sanity to the economy and has become one of the most broken, dysfunctional, toxic system.

Anyone who wants to express their feelings towards bad governance is met with resistance from the regime. The democratic space has been choked and littered with spanners.

The level of abuse of teachers who are complaining about poor salaries and remunerations is another cause of concern and unacceptable. Apart from the illegal arrests and putting them leg irons which have become a symbol of oppression and repression as if they have committed heinous crimes is outrageous.

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Source - Leonard Koni
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