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Mwonzora afraid of elections

01 Feb 2022 at 21:11hrs | Views
The ever fading Douglas Mwonzora is now precariously hanging by a thread and can't stand the political thermal heat.

The calling of a dialogue by Mr Mwonzora before even a vote is cast raises eyebrows and sounds so ridiculous.

The MDC-T leader knows that he is about to kiss goodbye to the political arena and there is likely going to be a protest vote to kick him out together with his puppet master.

Harmonised elections are around the corner and are slated for less than twelve months. So why is Mwonzora rushing to talk about a dialogue? There is no pressure for that. Mr Mwonzora should prove to the electorate that he is better than any other presidential aspirant and that can only be answered by the ballot box.

Instead he should be talking about his election manifesto rather than talking about a dialogue when very soon we shall be going for national elections next year. This is the election which is going to separate men and boys.

Currently ZANU PF who splushed a lot of money in creating their own opposition party are regretting  that they wasted their time and resources by engaging or talking to someone without any representation and political clout.

This was also done a blow by the splitting of the party where Thokozani Khupe assumed the leader of MDC-T.

Mwonzora is a Zanu-PF creation and must be reminded that leadership is an inborn trait. Some people are born leaders whilst others aspire to be leaders but always perfom dismally.

Mr Rational Disputation Mwonzora actually does not have people to start campaigning for the 26 March by-elections as a big number of them moved with Nelson Chamisa and some with Thokozani Khupe. He failed to field some candidates in many wards.

So on what capacity is he calling for a dialogue when he can't afford to field candidates in a by election?

I understand President Emmerson Mnangagwa formed Polad and that is where the dialogue should start from.

The dialogue which Zimbabweans are yearning for is about electoral reforms so that there are no more disputed election results.

Not this kind of a dialogue where one is fighting to be incorporated into the feeding trough and looting gravy train. It must not be based on self centredness.

They know that Nelson Chamisa the leader of Citizens Coalition for Change will burn their fingers in the ballot box. He is better than Douglas Mwonzora , Emmerson Mnangagwa and Thokozani Khupe combined.

Mwonzora is very much aware that his ship is sinking so fast and is now trying to apply all the dirty tricks to subvert the will of the people who did not even vote for him.

The moment you see an opposition leader getting more coverage and space from the state controlled media then one does not need a rocket scientist to know that he is a darling of the ruling party.

Notably the government controlled media has left no stone unturned in trying to make a dead Zanu PF project look relevant and breath more life.

The citizens of Zimbabwe have remained resilient and are closely monitoring the situation. They are not even gullible. They actually know the winning horse and do trust that it will resoundingly finish the race.

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Source - Leonard Koni
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