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Every dog has its day

10 Feb 2022 at 12:46hrs | Views
It was a more-try, maybe in reverse. His name is obvious. Every dog has its day, even the titanic had its demise at the said end of times.

Village youth games and clubs were very important and are still important today, why not revive them? Playing house (Mahumbwe) had its benefits and still has today. But, who plays house anymore? A gathered family is that of strangers as everyone is glued to the smartphone.

A case of so close and yet so far, are families a family anymore? Has science and technology helped us or has indeed separated us?

The old village grandpa will warmly smile at grandchildren assembly yet the lot is hectres away, chatting the evening away with peers oceans and seas apart.

People too busy for others and others too busy for humanity. Instead of academic pursuance, the smartphone is now used for nefarious and uncouth observances. Much to intertain canal issues than find Salvation.

Feeding the body is not enough when the spirit is starving with no spiritual nourishment. An obese body with an emaciated spirit and soul, a corruptible body. God help us. Who shall guard the guard, youths wandering aimlessly with no shepherde to show them the way. No wonder in some East European countries, the country comes first.

The flag is what makes them a people and not a people making the flag. As I see it, back to youth training centres for that patriotic youth who has the country and community first. Above all, education and prayer is an investment with zero risk. Children of God, find salvation when you still can. Sunday schooling should never be ignored. Let the children play and pray. Mask up. We love you all.

Thomas Tondo Murisa Matepatepa

Source - Thomas Tondo Murisa Matepatepa
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