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ZANU-PF has nothing new to offer

10 Feb 2022 at 13:15hrs | Views
The Zimbabwe revolutionary party popularly known as Zanu PF has dismally failed to maintain its status quo and has lost its credibility in implementing sound developmental policies and good governance in many sectors.

The party has been grappling with internal factional fights, the scourge of corruption, creating an opposition of its own liking and poor governance. It has clearly lost its marble and has failed to put the economy into stability.

Surprisingly the Zanu PF government is now talking about reviving the economy forgetting that they were in power for more than 40 years.

The so-called new republic pretending to be new wine in old wine skins which was born out of the 2017 coup is worst than the old republic and leaves a lot to be desired.

This year's school calendar has already been plunged into another crisis from the outbreak of Covid19 as headmasters have also joined teachers in an industrial action citing incapacitation.

Our economy has failed  the competitiveness on the international arena because of poor economic policies which are always changed like diapers. There is lack of policy consistency.

There is always a hide and seek scenario in the issue of dollarisation with Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube blowing hot and cold.

Four decades of Zanu PF misrule has crippled the health sector where medication is scarce, the transport industry,  educational sector just to mention a few.

There are no serious infrastructural development in major cities of the country except a few colonial facades still giving off an aura of faded majesty.

Fuel prices continue to be pegged in Zimbabwe's bond notes and there is nowhere one can find readily available fuel sold in local currency. The sector has since been dollarised.

Workers are heavily taxed and they can't  breathe. A country's economy is not grown by taxing the people but by producing and increasing its exports on the global sphere.

There is glaring and overwhelming evidence to show that Zanu-PF has failed the nation through its empty promises.

Political gimmicks are the order of the day as the country gets into another level of political campaign with residents being promised title deeds for homeownership.

Giving them another five-year term would be disastrous as the leaders currently have drought of ideas and have nothing new to offer.

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Source - Leonard Koni
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