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Zanu-PF provoking citizens

05 Mar 2022 at 16:58hrs | Views
The murder of CCC members in Kwekwe has incensed Inhlokomo YeSizwe. How can political parties and civic bodies let Zanu get away with such lawlessness. An attack on one is an attack on all of us. We may not all be members or sympathisers of CCC but on this we are on their side. On this serious issue where human lives are terminated willy-nilly by state sponsored terrorists operating in broad daylight under clear skies, we choose to stand on the side of good against evil. The Mashurugwis are having a field day terrorising peace-loving Zimbabweans in town and country settings. No one is safe from them. Law enforcement agents turn a blind eye. Life has become even cheaper in Zimbabwe. To lose one's life at the age of 35 at the hands of political thugs is a terrible way to die. All because one exercises the right to choose who to associate with. This right is a fundamental human right enshrined in the constitution of Zimbabwe. One can choose which political party, church or club to associate with as long as these are lawful gatherings. Not in EDPfee's Zimbabwe and certainly not in Mudha's village.

Zanu seems hell-bent on provoking the citizens into mass protests. Judging by the way they are over-reacting to political developments, it is clear that Zanu has become so paranoid that they lash out at every little action that remotely suggests that their grip on power will soon be a thing of the past. They have always known that the day of reckoning will soon be upon them. They are scholars of history and they know that every dynasty comes to an end just as every dictator is eventually toppled. They live in fear, afraid of their own shadow, knowing that each day draws them closer and closer to that fateful moment when power will evaporate from them like dew in the morning sunlight.  It happened to Ian –not- in- a –thousand- years -Smith. It happened to Hitler. As sure as sunrise and sunset it will happen to EDPfee! Zanu is knocking on death's door and let us all beware of the last kick of a dying ass. So desperate is Zanu to be loved that they will kill all those who cannot or will not love them. So desperate is Zanu that they want everyone to be a Zanu cadre or at least vote for them. Campaigning is not enough for them as they are suffering from poverty of thought or vision. They have been regurgitating the same empty promises for over forty years and this has become ridiculous. Just look through the window and count the potholes on the remaining strip of road over there. The pot holes on their own are campaigning for any opposition movement willing to take calculated risks. Whither thou Freedom Alliance, MRP, Zapu, CCC, MDC Alliance and others.

Inhlokomo YeSizwe condemns in the strongest terms, any abuse of power by those in the corridors of power. We mourn with the families of those who continue to sacrifice their lives fighting for freedom and justice. We feel the pain of those maimed for choosing to oppose an evil regime. Yet it is not enough to cry foul without meaningful reactive or proactive engagements. We ask ourselves what happened to the sons and daughters of heroes? Why have we chosen to turn the other cheek in the face of such heartless ill-treatment of a whole nation? Shall we perish like a flock to the slaughter? Where shall we flee to, considering that our neighbouring countries have surely forsaken us? Who among us is willing to turn back and face our enemy? And push them over the cliff like we did to the foreign legion in the late 70s. The question is: will we lose more or less by fighting back? That, dear reader, is the correct answer.

Inhlokomo YeSizwe InfoDesk

Source - Inhlokomo YeSizwe
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