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President Joe Biden receives warm welcome from Congress, for now!

06 Mar 2022 at 08:30hrs | Views
United States President Joseph Biden has a unique advantage over his rivals. He believes in nothing. He will say whatever is needed at the time as long as he stays in power. The proof of his methodology is that he went to Congress at the tender age of 27 and has stayed there till today, at age 77.

Recently was his first state of the nation address, and he was given a warm welcome. For Democrats, the welcome came from their success in getting rid of a monster president, Donald Trump, a New Yorker barbarian son of a billionaire. Biden was at least grown up and that was enough relief for the Democrats to wish him well.

Biden did say whatever was needed to keep the warm feeling going, at least for one day. Having cut and run from Afghanistan, Americans did not want another war with the Russians. But, here they are divided. In theory, they want the US to be seen to be the leader of the free world, and words are cheap. Biden said he was the leader of the free world. The Russia invasion of Ukraine will not be allowed to prevail.

"And an unwavering resolve that freedom will prevail over tyranny" in the Ukraine. The sentences are incomplete, but who cares. "Let each one of us here, if you are able to stand, stand and send an unmistakable signal to the world and Ukraine." Again a meaningless sentence, but it sounded good. What kind of signal we can send, he did not say. He called Putin a dictator. Well, he really did not say that. "When dictators do not pay a price for their aggression, they cause more chaos."

True, the US has imposed sanctions on the Ukraine and limited its use of the Swift mechanism whereby banks clear their international obligations. But wait a moment. The US will allow Russian oil to be processed in Europe and some may even find its way into the US. It is the rise in the price of oil, which has enriched Putin and Russia's treasury.

Politicians know where their bread is buttered. Biden won't dare challenge the oil barons. The little guys will have their cheque books frozen while Exon and Big Oil go to the bank laughing.

I told you Biden is a great "guy". He just says whatever it takes to make people happy for now.

For a reason unknown to me, Biden seems to think that there are a lot of votes among the LBGT-Q (the gay people).

Since former President Barack Obama declared gay rights the last frontier, Democrats have adopted the issue as a religion. He wants a special law protecting gays from the prejudice of the populace. "And folks, for our LBGT-Q Americans, let's get the bipartisan Equality Act to my desk." Whether this is deliberately designed to annoy church folks I don't know. Addressing them directly, he said; "I will always have your back as your president, so you can be yourself and reach your God-given potential."

There are hate laws and gender equity laws in the books and in any case any person who cherishes his job better not say bad words about the LBGT-Q people. I mentioned in a previous letter how Lia Thomas (22), who swam in the Penn State swimming championships transitioned himself into the women's group and has threated every record there. Sixteen female swimmers have written to the authorities demanding that Ms Thomas be barred from swimming in their team. He has a massive body and has an unfair advantage. The women won't sign their names for fear of severe reprisals. The fact Thomas, who has kept his tail, has the freedom to use the girl's shower rooms has caused some sensation.

But Biden is a true believer.

These Democrats are so ridiculous they are indescribable. Biden wants to strengthen laws against women. Again, they have already removed the statute of limitations. A woman can walk over to any man and accuse him of sexual assault, 20 years after the deed.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo lost his job. Oh, I forgot. When a woman accuses a man, she is called a victim and the man is called (an abuser). The new rule is the victim must be believed and her name protected from publication. You read me correctly; the abuser's name is not protected. So in January 2022, Governor Cuomo lost his job. The victim's testimony was found to have been creatively sponsored. Cuomo's brother Chris, who had a US$3 million a year job at Cable News Network also lost his job.

Talk is cheap and Biden knows how to talk. A very curious thing happened. When Russians went into Ukraine, the Secretary of State warned them not to harm the environment. Simultaneously, the US government withdrew drilling permits on the mainland while stopping in mid-stream the completion of the Canadian pipeline. These acts alone witnessed a steady rise in petrol prices from US$2 per gallon last year to near U$4 per gallon today.

The consequent inflation estimated at 27% is the highest since 1976. Some grocery shelves are empty because truckers are weighing their options. Biden has promised to lift petrol taxes for one day to alleviate the problem. Yes, Siree, that is not a joke.

The long and short of it is that what was supposed to be his greatest speech ever, since it marks his 50th year in perpetual service to the American people, was too much ado about nothing. Another curious fact was that the Center for Disease Control, fearing a groundswell of discontent among the populace, realised that it was fighting a lost cause. For Biden's sake, CDC lifted all mask requirements throughout the nation. The mask requirements were more political than medical. Big corporations never stopped working while small businesses like restaurants and churches were served with severe restrictions.

For now Biden is riding a high horse, but the Achilles heel lies in the petrol prices.

    Ken Mufuka is a Zimbabwean patriot and writes from the US. His books are available from Innov Bookshops in Zimbabwe and from in the wider world.

Source - The Standard
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