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Zimbabwe under attack again

11 Mar 2022 at 18:22hrs | Views
Zimbabweans all over the world were shocked to hear Lord Johnny Oates, Liberal Democrats, in parliament on behalf of Baroness Katey Hoey stating that Zimbabwe is in a systematic attack on rule of law and human rights.

The Lord J Oates zeroed on the statement issued by the vice president of Zimbabwe retired General CDN Chiwenga. Comrade Chiwenga had said addressing thousands of Zanu-PF supporters that Zanu-PF will crush the CCC in the coming bi-elections like the way we crush a lice on a rock. Cde Chiwenga went on to say the CCC will be crushed until there is nothing left even the flies will not find anything to eat.
The opposition took that to mean that Zanu-PF will be engaging in violence. It was the Twitter by Hopeless Chin'ono which was responded to by Lord Oates.

Lord Oats and many British parliamentarians as usual tried very hard to expose their ignorance of Zimbabwean languages. Without understanding the meaning of the idiom used the confused Lord jumped to a conclusion and lambasted Zimbabwe on human rights.

The poor Lord is the one who is inciting violence against Zanu-PF and his utterances were unfortunate and misleading. These were the submissions of a Lord with an agenda. We need to understand what is called an idiom. An idiom is a phrase or expression that typically presents a figurative, non-literal meaning attached to the phrase; but some phrases become figurative idioms while retaining the literal meaning of the phrase. Categorized as formulaic language, an idiom's figurative meaning is different from the literal meaning.Idioms occur frequently in all languages; in English alone there are an estimated twenty-five thousand idiomatic expressions.

It is a wonder how the honourable Lord fails to understand that what the vice president said was an idiom. Because the Lord wanted to paint Zimbabwe with a wrong brush leaped at the idiom and tries to lecture Zimbabweans on their own language.

Idiom is normally a group of words established by usage as having a meaning not deducible from those of the individual words An idiom is a phrase or expression that typically presents a figurative, non-literal meaning attached to the phrase; but some phrases become figurative idioms while retaining the literal meaning of the phrase. Categorized as formulaic language, an idiom's figurative meaning is different from the literal meaning. So for the Lord to reinvent the Shona language is laughable and embarrassing.

Lord Oates must understand that an idiom is a commonly used expression whose meaning does not relate to the literal meaning of its words.Figurative language includes the use of metaphors, similes, personification, hyperbole, euphemisms, and pun.It is a well-noted observation that non-native speakers can "understand the first meaning but not the second. So the Lord as a non-native speaker maybe excused but what makes his utterances unforgivable is the fact that he has never meant good for Zimbabwe. His intentions are pregnant with evil and malice pre planned.

Essentially, this is a warning that Lord Oats conveniently misunderstood the idiom which makes perfect sense given that idioms – by definition – don't mean what their words mean).

An idiom is a saying or expression that says one thing literally but means something else when explored in context.
An idiom is an expression that takes on a figurative meaning when certain words are combined, which is different from the literal definition of the individual words.
This confusion in language exposes efforts by foreign entities to influence domestic elections.

This evil has shaken democracies around the world. The use of propaganda and misinformation to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries is not new, but events since last week have heightened awareness of how changes in social media platforms, political norms, and campaign financing rules have enabled foreign actors to influence elections on an unprecedented scale.

In this short submissions by Lord Oates shows that our thinking is governed by language which reflects an earlier mode of thought. Important analytical problems are in large measure obscured by the use of words which imply anthropomorphic or personalised explanations of social institutions. Serious and research by Lord should have vitiated by the ambiguity of some of key terms, which for lack of more precise ones we have constantly to use. This would have put the paranoia mind of the Lord to rest.

Zimbabwe has always been attacked by foreign electoral interventions. Foreign electoral interventions are attempts by governments, covertly or overtly, to influence elections in another country.

British law addresses an even more foundational question: why, exactly, does the country committed to free speech and robust public debate indulge in foreign participation in other country's democratic discussion? Even though there are laws prohibiting foreign influence in domestic elections are ubiquitous and increasing, but the underlying reasons for them are not always clear, especially when such laws target the distribution of information directly to the public. Such laws are not readily explained by any of the common justifications used in interfering in other country's democratic process. In an increasingly globalized world, foreign political interference is a growing threat to democratic systems of government.

The United Kingdom and America have shown their stubborn zeal to control the political land scape of Zimbabwe. Every election Zimbabwe does the United Kingdom will put its ugly dirty nose sniffing all over the electoral process of Zimbabwe.

Despite the re engagement efforts being fronted by President ED MNANGAGWA the UK has shown him a middle finger.
The cruel fact of democracy is that those you do not want are the ones who attract the majority.

Zanu-PF attracts the majority and it has done this for over forty two years.

The utterances of Lord Oaths are unfortunate and seriously embarrassing. Considering that they have misfired and missed the target their intentions against Zimbabwe are satanic diabolic and evil.

By-elections are coming in two weeks time the Lord Oates and his backers have realised that their person is heading for a loss so they start lambasting Zimbabwe in order to agitate the electorate.

Lord Oates must realise that Zimbabwe is no longer a colony of the Uk.

Source - Dr Masimba Mavaza
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