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Chamisa's hot air speeches

22 Mar 2022 at 01:42hrs | Views
The leader of the newly formed Citizen Coalition for Change (CCC), Nelson Chamisa, continues to peddle lies and falsehoods at his rallies and people should take him seriously at their own peril.

As the nation prepares for the upcoming 26 March by-elections, Chamisa has upped the ante in politicking for publicity purposes and is averse to tackling real issues that affect the people.

It will be very unwise for Zimbabweans, the urbanites in particular, to continue bringing back Chamisa`s councillors who have dismally failed to run local authorities.  

Who does not know the failures of the opposition party, CCC, when it comes to bad roads, dirty water, uncollected garbage, flowing sewage, among many of the ills they have presided over?

Despite the lies that he continues to peddle over who is responsible for the decay in urban areas, the urbanites are very much aware of the damage caused by Chamisa and this time people are shunting Chamisa and his councillors out.

Chamisa and crew have forestalled development in towns and cities and all their ineptitude has been exposed.

Who doesn't know that Chamisa and his mentor Morgan Tsvangirai are responsible for destroying the economy through the sanctions they called for?

Even to date, Chamisa and his handlers do not support developmental programmes that are meant to revive the economy, lest the Zanu-PF government gets the accolade.

 Chamisa continues to engage in toddler politics, is anti-development and anti-people.

He is not even sincere in assisting the suffering Zimbabweans who are labouring under the illegal sanctions imposed on the country by his handlers.

During his launch of CCC party at Zimbabwe Grounds last month, Chamisa stated that he had the key to the economy and went on to say that if he is given just a week to lead, the people will forget suffering at the wink of an eye.

Such rhetoric when people have been suffering because of sanctions for the past 20 years is insensitive and downright cruel.

You can only conclude that Chamisa is selfish and is full of lies.

 People who attend his rallies should take this lying politician to task over how he is going to achieve all the promises he is making to the people.

Surprisingly, Chamisa and company are now targeting to destroy the rural areas as they have done in the urban areas.

 Zanu-PF is known in the rural areas for development and supporting agricultural activities.

Zanu-PF provides what people ask for.

This is why the Pfumvudza programme was initiated to support farmers in the rural areas.

Just like in urban areas, Chamisa has nothing to offer the rural folk.

Zanu-PF is changing the rural set up to meet the standards of the urban areas in its drive for a middle income economy status by 2030.

Speaking during a Zanu-PF by-election Presidential Star rally in Mutare last week, Vice President Constantino Chiwenga said, "We want to develop rural areas in order to stop rural-urban migration."

The opposition party has nothing to offer to the people.

 Their leader, Chamisa, is just full of hot air and no substance. Chamisa at his CCC rallies stated that if he gets into power all civil servants will get hefty salaries.

His crocodile tears over civil servants salaries do not fool anyone as he has failed to pay a handful of his very few party employees.

Amidst all this, Chamisa is buying himself expensive cars.

The irony to this is that he brags that his party managed to buy him a bullet proof car at the expense of their unpaid workers.

Zimbabweans must never be swayed by Chamisa`s utterances and come 26 March by-elections, they must vote for Zanu-PF Members of Parliament and councillors.

 Zanu-PF knows development and prefers action to talking.

 It's high time Chamisa and his paddlers are kicked out of politics.

Source - The Herald
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