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Chamisa, Biti and CCC manifestly lack patriotism

28 Mar 2022 at 06:45hrs | Views
While the yellow fever may have gripped the nation, and the youth seems to be captured in the idealistic bankruptcy, the CCC remains the most unpatriotic outfit which uses the current economic stress to woo the citizens towards them.

Why is CCC manifestly lacking in patriotism? A multiplicity of factors is at play here.

We can not understand the problems of the CCC without looking at their background. The historic origins of CCC (which is effectively) the MDC, explains its barrenness of patriotism.

"This party was founded and therefore has been always funded on an anti Zimbabwean platform. It emerged out of the need to cause a stillbirth to the land reform programme. Is it any wonder that its leader is attending an illicit gathering to concoct ideas of reversing the land reform gains?

The CCC again replays the visit of shame where they went to America to pray for more sanctions against Zimbabwe. It is now in the public domain that ZIDERA was drafted by Biti and funded by Americans.

Now the CCC does it again, and are coming to the UK to participate in the seminar meant to reverse gains of our independence.

The CCC and its historic formations have never been locally controlled. It is an illegitimate child with its father in the West. The equivalent of CCC in corporate terms is a company with controlling stakeholders who are foreigners.

This explains the inherent and structural contradictions of a party purporting to please local people when its key stakeholders are using it as a Special Purpose Vehicle to salvage white and imperial interests.

There can be no patriotism in and by a party which is primarily constituted to serve foreign interests.

In another environment, CCC would have been banned and its leaders arrested. But it is Zimbabwe which is practising democracy even if  it is harmful democracy.

Everyday Zimbabweans witness millions of dollars being flooded in Zimbabwe to sponsor and nurture the opposition. The Zimbabwean opposition is the paid unpatriotic outfit.

Being unpatriotic is not feeling or showing love for or devotion to one's country.

What is another word for unpatriotic? It is subversive, seditious, ruinous, traitorous.

The behaviour of CCC is beyond unfaithful and it is treasonable faithless and recreant behaviour which stinks and pierces right in the heart of freedom.

Another key feature of CCC is that neither the party as an entity nor its leadership have a recognisable code of ethics. In fact the leader is unelected.

Scruple and principle are essential ingredients for patriotism. No party can be patriotic when it has no fibre of principle. It is born out of illegality with no elected leaders, no drop of democracy yet claiming to be fighting for the rule of law.

CCC is a party which comes out of breaking laws it is premised on illegalities. It therefore does not surprise anyone when CCC behaves in this treasonous manner, where they come to England to denounce their own country.

Chamisa and CCC are educated but not-schooled. They think they are clever but they are not wise. The land tenure in the UK is that ALL land belongs to Her Majesty. In practice, those who "own" houses in the UK actually own the roof and the walls. The land upon which the house is built is owned by Her Majesty legally.

The same people who can not own land in their own country now want to dictate to Chamisa to surrender land and reverse the land redistribution.

This trip of shame by Chamisa is widely advertised in the UK. It is clear that Chamisa will be using this trip to fund-raise for CCC.

It is again that time that Chamisa will be showing his natural skills of disseminating misinformation about Zimbabwe.

Chamisa and CCC must be aware that In English law Under the Compulsory Puchase Act, local authorities can compulsorily purchase any land for development purposes. Noone cries for human rights. Of course in Zimbabwe the appropriation of land was done to set right historic imbalances and injustices.

Is it not cynical that a country whose local authorities compulsorily purchase hundreds of pieces of public and private houses every year could hypocritically criticise Zimbabwean land policy? It becomes more painful when our own people and social leaders lead the way against their own country.

For Chamisa to come to the UK to say Zimbabwe has no respect for human rights is an insult to our freedom fighters and the nation at large.

Chamisa must know that in the UK no African would ever buy commercial farms or own a mine yet Chamisa and Biti are hoping to flood the nation with foreign land grabbers.

It is then clear that Biti, Chamisa and the CCC at large lack the required patriotism. These people who have no purpose in life are campaigning to be leaders of our country.

Chamisa must realise that we live for the day when indigenous peoples around the world are able to practise self-determination when their human, economic, social, cultural, political and territorial rights are recognised and respected; when they are free to speak their languages, maintain their sacred traditions, and continue the work of caring for their ancestral homelands.

The people of Zimbabwe do not need foreign opinion on issues of land and democracy. Decisions are made by consensus, arrived at through a process of open dialogue and mutual understanding amongst citizens themselves. Zimbabwean people have the rights of self-determination and collective ownership of their lands, territories, resources and knowledge.

Allowing people to take charge of their land is the most effective way to support our communities. Zimbabweans have a key role to play in finding solutions to the county's environmental, social and economic crises. We do not need advice from the West.

It is clear that Chamisa is coming to England to give his handlers the keys to our land.

We say no to this unpatriotic party. Zimbabwe is the only country we can call ours.

Source - Dr Masimba Mavaza
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