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Operation dudula a terrorist organisation

10 Apr 2022 at 14:08hrs | Views
The South African Operation Dudula led by Lux Nhlanhla is an ideologically bankrupt vigilante group which is behaving like a terrorist group causing alarm and dispondency.

Investigative journalism can reveal that this group is being sponsored by a very strong cartel within the South African government. It's ridiculous that at this era in Africa we still have the appetite to close the borders or barring fellow Africans from crossing borders. We are still asking for a visa or passport to pass.

There is lawlessnes in the country where civilians are empowered to ask for identity cards for foreign nationals living in South Africa as if they are law enforcing agents? This is so pathetic and beyond imagination to a nation which is classified as one of the developed countries.

ts not a surprise that this Operation Dudula is not operating in a vacuum but getting all the support from the top hierarchical powers. At one time they even got escort from the police whilst conducting their business knocking door to door threatening to evict foreigners.

Surely such kind of behaviour is a spark plug to xenophobic  attacks.

The gruesome murder of a Zimbabwean Elvis Nyathi last week is a very good example of  the root cause of such a problem which the South African government failed to prevent but instead allowed Operation Dudula to execute it's xenophobic attacks on foreign nationals.

This resulted in mob attacks which were executed by civilians asking identity cards for foreigners living in Diepsloot.

Nyathi died a painful death but what he had were simple gardening skills which he used whole-heartedly  to feed and support his family but unfortunately some people took the law into their own hands and acted in a barbaric and inhuman way.

According to Operation Dudula foreigners living in South Africa are only Zimbabweans.

Most of these Zimbabweans are economic refugees who ran away from the country which has been ravaged by Zanu-PF government.

Targeting Zimbabwean nationals only is foolhardy and unthinkable.

This Dudula is void of the history where Zimbabwe marshalled the Front line State to isolate apartheid South Africa.

We need to fix the political crisis in Zimbabwe once and for all and resolve all these issues affecting the region.

The political and economic crisis in Zimbabwe should be fixed soon. I also blame the South African government which has been always endorsing stolen elections in Zimbabwe for the sake of pleasing the incumbent.

There are also Zimbabweans who are committing different kind of crimes and some who claim to be more educated than the South Africans. These people do tarnish the image of innocent Zimbabweans who are genuinely seeking for greener pastures.

Will the killing of foreigners really create employment for the unemployed South Africans?

We should  protect the sanctity of life regardless of its nationality, gender, race, sexual orientation, language, background and social status.

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Source - Leonard Koni
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