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There's no bright future for Zimbabwe as long as we have leaders who lack honest introspection!

19 Apr 2022 at 22:34hrs | Views
Whether it is in a counselling session, or rehabilitation program for some personal challenges, or a sincere desire to transform one's life for the better - there is always one key critical determinant of success or failure in achieving targeted goals.

Brutal honest introspection - where the affected individual admits, without any reservations or excuses, his shortcomings and faults.

Those who know me intimately are aware of the phenomenal changes that I have managed to undergo in my life - which resulted in the creation of a completely new and improved person, at times seemingly overnight, as I left behind a life some were justified in believing was impossible to cast away...leaving many shell-shocked, and in a state of utter disbelief.

What was the secret?

Of course, in my case, it was a matter of giving over my life to a higher and greater power - Christ Jesus, my Lord and Savior, who has the power to transform anyone and anything (even turning water into wine).

Nonetheless, before all that, I needed to have overcome one major hurdle - sincerely admitting my faults, weaknesses and errors, without any "buts" of "ifs".

There is no way anyone can honestly claim a desire for reformation, when he still makes excuses for his flawed thoughts and actions, or blaming others as to why the situation turned out as it deed - or, even totally failing to acknowledge the presence of such weaknesses.

As such, without such open, unreserved, and unqualified admission of one's failures and even vices - any other assurances and promises of change would merely be empty talk, which are not worthy of any serious consideration.

That is why, whenever I listen to our ruling elite in Zimbabwe talking, I am always left with a sour and bitter taste in my mouth - with a horrible sense of pessimism, on the basis of utter disbelief of what they would be saying and promising the nation.

In spite of the obvious reason for the seemingly unending long trail of unfulfilled promises being obvious - made as far back as the country's 1960s and 70s liberation struggle, into the post-independence era, and the past four decades.

Not much in terms of the countless assurances of a dignified, respectable, and comfortable livelihood for Zimbabweans has ever come to pass.

No matter how the national leadership - some of whom having been in the top echelons of power for the past 42 years, since Zimbabwe attained her Uhuru from Britain in 1980 - may package their pledges...from "health and education FOR ALL by the year 2000", or "leaving NO ONE and NO PLACE behind", they all sounds like the same old unfulfilled lies to me.

As the country commemorated her 42nd post-colonial anniversary yesterday - as has become the norm for the past decades - the speeches by the national leadership were filled with the same old tired daydreaming, false hope, and delusional promises, characterized by imagined prosperity, fanciful economic development, and targets whose fruition dates always appear elusive.

However, in all the high-sounding nothingness of an "upper middle income economy by 2030", "Vision 2030", and "leaving no one and no place behind" - there was one unmistakenly glaring omission.

No brutal honest introspection and truth-telling as to why we have gone for 42 whole years of failure upon failure - leading to most who were adults during the colonial era even describing post-independence Zimbabwe as worse than Rhodesia - with nothing but empty hopes and shattered dreams.

For serious-minded people, as myself, to finally give this government some benefit of the doubt - there is need for them to finally admit their faults, weaknesses, and errors, without any blame-games, or excuses.

Besides, no one is perfect or infallible - as my own life has proven.

However, for me to believe that an individual, who has been messing up, has finally decided to transform his life - it is imperative for an unqualified acknowledgement, and confession of one's shortcomings - since, anything less would merely be half-hearted attempts, at best (that will inevitably lead nowhere, except more problems), or downright lies.

Which is precisely what we have been getting from the Zimbabwe government since they came into power in 1980 - which keeps repeating even today, as we always hear when the ruling elite open their mouths.

It is either never their fault (but, someone else's), or there is no problem at all (and, all those speaking of failures are simply regime change agents, seeking to denigrate the country) - although, criticizing the ruling establishment has never been the same as criticizing the country, under any stretch of the imagination.

When Americans were up in arms with their president Donald J. Trump - even appearing on numerous international news channels and platforms expressing their utter outrage and disgruntlement over his policies - that was never construed as being unpatriotic, and vilifying the US.

Be that as it may, Zimbabweans have absolutely no cause for optimism for a better Zimbabwe, and a dignified, respectable, and comfortable livelihood anytime in the foreseeable future - as long as we have an unrepentant leadership, that sees nothing wrong with how they have been running (or rather, ruining) this once prosperous country.

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Source - Tendai Ruben Mbofana
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