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Of headaches and Covid-19!

18 May 2022 at 19:32hrs | Views
While some people found headaches cleared up alongside other symptoms, others say they've lingered on.

For some people with COVID-19, the pain in their skull is so intense that they consider a trip to the emergency room. 

While for others, it might come in throbbing waves or feel like a constant mild ache; it could be gone within minutes of taking painkillers or still be there months later.

"My head felt like it would explode, and no medication was enough to make it better," said Lizzie Nekoma, who fell ill in late December.

After two days during which she was barely able to move from her bed, the Guelph, Ont., girl said her headache mostly disappeared, with just minor pain and sensitivity to light in the days that followed.

While loss of smell, fever and dry cough may be more publicized symptoms of COVID-19, headache is a common one, too. And, two years into the pandemic, patients and physicians are beginning to recognize that, for some, it may be by far the worst symptom - and one that lingers after others are gone.

It's why there's been a push by researchers to study the little-understood long-term neurological symptoms reported in some acute COVID-19 patients, which can include headaches, brain inflammation and damage to brain blood vessels.  

While some people's headaches disappear alongside the illness, other patients can't seem to shake them - even long after their other COVID symptoms are gone. 

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