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Who is Sabotaging Our President?

22 May 2022 at 13:35hrs | Views
As activists and people of Zimbabwe, we are disheartened to learn that there are persons who are sabotaging economic policies that are being made by the government causing massive suffering to us the poor people and the economy at large.

Why are Zambabweans and in particular politicians, human rights defenders, CSOs and Academias avoiding  asking this  pertinent question, Who Is Sabotaging The President?? On several occasions the CEO of Zimbabwe, President Munangagwa, has raised alarmed over saboteurs, is it not a call for action from all of us. Is our silence not speaking volumes!!
Are we part of the problem or we are beneficiaries in this whole matrix.?

I believe we all have responsibility to defend the cause of our country, the President is only voted to lead us not to retire us from taking our responsibility to defend the interests of our nation. Our president as a result introduced some counter measures including the Suspension of lending which has now been uplifted. Believing in the capacity of our government, we are sure that measure was made to unearth some lending and borrowing that was affecting the economy. We know that large sums of money have were being lend or borrowed for the sole reason of buying US$ on the streets. We know street forex dealers who get this money 'float'  from their 'handlers' to buy this forex in the streets. This we witnessed and experienced even in the First Republic.

Any person or persons who sabotage the President's is directly sabotaging the whole Nation and thus number 1 enemy of the State. It's criminal to act not in the best interest of the people. It's evil to quickly get rich at the expense of millions of fellow Zimbabweans, plunging them at the deep end.

As patriotic activists in Zimbabwe and citizens, it is a duty for us to defend our President and the Nation from the malcontents sabotaging him and the Nation. We can not sit back and allow these elements to continue with these crimes against Zimbabweans. The people deserve to know and react within the confines of the law.

His Excellency President ED Mnangagwa, who is sabotaging you the Head of State and Government and the people of Zimbabwe?

"Tendayi Mudehwe is the founding Director of Zimbabwe Activists Alliance (ZAA) and is writing in her personal capacity as pro- Zimbabwe Activist whose sole interests is in Saving & Serving Dzimbahwe"

Source - Lynnete T Mudehwe
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