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The price of bread to humble Mnangagwa

09 Jun 2022 at 11:56hrs | Views
Emmerson Mnangagwa's new dispensation should should always play a track from Simon 'Chopper' Chimbetu's song Survival which is very informative and educative.

This is a well choreographed track which talks about the rising cost of living where the singer was advising the government not to raise the price of bread. People are suffering but all what they want is to survive.

That was a problem of celebrating a government administration born out of a coup wedlock.

It was a national disaster when the people celebrated the inter marriage between the willing citizens and the army to allow an unconstitutional removal of Robert Mugabe before the expiry of his term.

The country set a bad precedence. President Emmerson Mnangagwa is a true and proper example of how a leader can successfully fail to run a country.
People had high hopes in him thinking that he was going to correct some mistakes done by his predecessor Robert  Mugabe but unfortunately everything had fallen apart. The people shall forever regret this move.

Mnangagwa has failed to build trust with Zimbabweans and for him to win next year's election would be a dream.

Hyper-inflation is back with a bang with rates shooting up. Unemployment is rising. Mtuli Ncube has suspended inflationary data. The gross national product is fluctuating. Can a nation trim the peaks and troughs from the economic roller coaster? Should money or taxes or spending stabilise the economy? The centre can no longer hold.

The real time Zanu PF grand plan of reducing the sky rocketing price of bread by introducing the medieval stone age oven dug bakeries have failed to stand the test of time by meeting the people's demands. This new dispensation's  exhibiting of fly by night economic policies has backfired.

The economy is on autopilot. The new republic can't craft solid economic blueprints to revamp and restructure this economic morass and quagmire. Wages have collapsed with civil servants earning peanuts. The cost of living is trebbling every month with savings shrinking.

With the recent sharp increase of fuel, disaster is already looming. This is going to trigger another round of price increases. It never rains but pours for the new dispensation.

Zimbabwe has so far experienced the worst brain drain in history since independence. Our health care workers doctors and nurses are leaving in their droves to European countries where they think their services are better appreciated.

People are hungry with no food. Pension funds have been eroded.  Everything left by the former colony have been looted and the infrastructure is an eye sore and in its in its intensive care unit.

The culture of doing serious business in the country is so frustrating and has been compromised with the government awarding businesses to well connected cadres without going through a tender like the recent Pomona scandal.

People have been pushed to a hard rock and line. We are likely to see spate of demonstrations across the country where people feel like to express their anger.

The government must do something and be proactive. There is likely to be a protest vote come 2023 where people are inching to punish this new dispensation and bury it six feet downwards.

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Source - Leonard Koni
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