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Questions for CCC Secretary General Hwende

13 Jun 2022 at 06:28hrs | Views
1. If in your eyes Smith was worse than ZANU PF because "he killed our people simply because they were black", what does that say about how you see Ndebele people who were killed by Mnangagwa simply because they were Ndebele? Or do you agree with him that he killed them because Ndebele people (including the Ndebele unborn babies who were ripped by bayonets from their mothers' wombs)  were destabilizing Zimbabwe?

2. If in your understanding Smith made Rhodesia a bread basket "because blacks were being forced to work for nothing under harsh conditions", how were peasant farmers that sold their cattle and produce in Rhodesia able to send their children to schools that as black people we can't afford to send our kids to today under ZANU? Given the dip tanks, agricultural extension workers (madhumeni), master farmers and other things that Smith had that disappeared under ZANU, are black people today not being forced to work more for nothing under harsh conditions than they were in Smith's time? 

3. Since Smith specifically, not colonialism or settler rule in general, killed less black people than Mnangagwa specifically, if we consider both "leaders" using a combination of deaths under them in prisons, by the gun, by torture, by abductions, by poisoning, by mass starvation, by the destruction of mass livelihoods, by malnutrition, by what should have been preventable diseases or medical situations including childbirth, by lack of health care, etc., given that undeniable fact, if Smith is "a dog" to you, care to tell us what animal Mnangagwa or Chiwenga are to you, Sir?

4. To you, how is the killing of Moreblessing Ali "better" because she has been killed by Mnangagwa than if she had been killed by Smith? 

5. If what riles you is when other races exploit and kill black people, what do you say about Mnangagwa's collusion with eastern Europeans and Chinese to displace black people from their land, poison our rivers and wells, take all our natural resources in exchange for trinkets (as was being done under white colonialism) and flog and spit on black workers? 

6. Who personally stole more taxpayers' money for himself or themselves, their children and their girlfriends and wives, Mnangagwa and Chiwenga on one hand, versus Smith on the other hand? 

7. If you believe the "advice" that you are getting that thinking or saying the truth about Smith and Mnangagwa is an own goal for those opposed to ZANU PF, since when has saying what ZANU PF wants you to say protected civil society and the opposition and journalists from ZANU violence and propaganda except when you are being compromised to sell out the people's struggle? 

8. When Jonathan, who is hiding in Kenya because he knows Mnangagwa and Chiwenga kill, having experienced Mnangagwa's vindictive hand that brought tears to all right-thinking Zimbabweans when that hand stretched as far as Cape Town, when the same Jonathan clapped hands for you to say you were respectable and reasonable for saying Smith was worse than Mnangagwa, did you sleep easy that night after the applause? 

9. When your CCC supporters are killed at 45 degrees, and they see and hear you saying that's all okay because brutality by a black leader on black people is better than if it was by a white leader, how does that encourage young people to sacrifice for a free Zimbabwe?

10. Is your misunderstanding of the two simple arguments being made in the Smith-Mnangagwa debate, that Smith managed the economy better than Mnangagwa and that he never killed his own people, is this a real misunderstanding, like, do you actually not get it, or is it a reflection of your intellectual level, or is it a reflection of the level of ideological and analytical clarity or lack of it in CCC? Do you actually understand what we are fighting for and against in this struggle since 1999? 

Source - Simon Peter Chamisa
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