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God removes wicked rulers

15 Jun 2022 at 07:38hrs | Views
DEAR President Emmerson Mnangagwa,

Your Excellency, it has become common place for discredited and unloved failed national leaders in Zimbabwe to grasp at every straw to hold on to power, including the use of brute force, persecution of opponents, creating an uneven political playing field, and brazen vote rigging.

This country has been arguably one of the biggest criminal hot spots in the world — drenched in the blood of innocent civilians who have been savagely and callously murdered by ruling party thugs, and in most cases, the military — over a 42-year-old long reign of terror, resulting in possibly a casualty rate surpassing the 30 000 figure.

Your Excellency, this is largely based on over 20 000 recorded by the CCJP (Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace) as having lost their lives during the heinous Gukurahundi genocide targeting Ndebele speakers in the Midlands and Matabeleland provinces (with some estimates pointing north of 30 000) between 1982 and 1987, and over 800 suspected opposition supporters barbarically butchered after the ruling Zanu-PF party presidential candidate Robert Gabriel Mugabe lost to opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai in 2008.

Not to mention scores more shot in cold blood on the streets of Harare in August 2018 and January 2019 — in addition to reports of other individual opposition members who have been killed in their various communities, as was Mboneni Ncube in Kwekwe after a Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) rally was attacked by suspected Zanu-PF thugs earlier this year, and the most recent murder of Moreblessing Ali in Nyatsime, Chitungwiza (whose mutilated body was recovered from a well last weekend).

Your Excellency, of course, in all these dastardly incidents dating from the day this country attained independence from British rule in 1980 — not even a single person has ever been charged for any of these horrendous despicable crimes, which also included abductions, sexual violence against women on political grounds, beatings, torture, destruction of properties, and arrests on spurious accusations.

To top all this unbelievable hideous evil up, the ruling elite has had no qualms stealing what God has given our nation as public resources for all Zimbabweans — only for a few to benefit and live a life of opulence while the rest wallow in unspeakable anguish and impoverishment.

That is when those in power — with their insatiable thirst for killing, stealing, and destroying — have the audacity to stand in front of church gatherings proclaiming that they were placed in positions of authority  by God.

Your Excellency, whenever I hear such bitter tasting statements, as a devout Christian myself, I am always filled with righteous indignation, at the sheer brazenness of such disgusting attempts at portraying God as approving these acts of gross injustice and sin.

As much as it may be true that our holy scriptures indeed unequivocally state that all authority is appointed by God Himself — as only He has the ultimate power either to allow or prevent anything on earth to occur, and can also anoint specific persons for particular roles. However, there is a catch, because everything about Jehovah has to be studied in its true context.

Your Excellency, we are all given an opportunity to become what God wants us to be and fulfil all that is expected of us.

Leaders are included — be they national, local, community, family, and even organisational and corporate.

Your Excellency, as much as it is true that for one to land that position — God would have permitted it, as he can easily prevent anything from taking place. He, nonetheless, always holds these leaders accountable for their actions which should be in line with His commandments and standards.

Any leader who fails this "God test" should never brag that he has Jehovah's backing and anointing, because as sure as day comes after night, he will soon be spit out of His favour.

Let us look at King Saul  for instance.

He was definitely ordained by Jehovah to be the first king of the nation of Israel — having sent the prophet Samuel to bestow that anointing. However, when he disobeyed God's commandments, He (Jehovah) turned His back on him (Saul).

Your Excellency, as a matter of fact, as much as Saul remained king for years to come — Jehovah had already anointed another (David) to be His chosen one — resulting in Saul's reign being riddled with unending catastrophes and disasters, under a monarch who was no longer at peace, and near to losing his mind.

This is one important lesson our leaders in Zimbabwe — who love boasting about "leaders being appointed by God" — need to learn henceforth, since one can, indeed, continue being in leadership for a while longer, but having long lost the favour of Jehovah.

In fact, a new leader to take over would already have been lined up, and anointed by the same God.

Your Excellency, the bottom line is that Jehovah demands that all those he appoints religiously adhere to His word, and any disobedience results in God turning His back on that leadership.

Surely, are we then to believe that, our God who hates killing, stealing, destroying (all hallmarks of the devil), as well as lying, and all manner of immorality and amorality, so frequently associated with the Zimbabwe ruling elite — is still behind this regime?

I think not — as that would render our God, a god of sin and wickedness!

Let our leaders be reminded of King Saul — as they may still be in power today, enjoying their false sense of security and cold comfort, but let me be brutally frank with them . . . the God that they love bragging about has long since turned His back on them.

Your Excellency, I genuinely believe that a new leader is already on the ready and it is only a matter of time before God's plans for Zimbabwe are made known to all.

In the meantime, as happened to Saul, whose final days of rule was marked by chaos, disorder, and discord — on account of God's favour having left the disobedient and disloyal king — our days in Zimbabwe are no different!

Saul even tried to evoke the spirit of a dead Samuel for guidance and leadership, in desperation — but, it was too late . . . just as Zimbabwe's ruling elite can visit all the church organisations on this planet for political grandstanding, but to no avail.

Your Excellency, the Bible these leaders love quoting, and pretending to understand and follow — whilst campaigning at these various churches — has numerous examples of kings who were shamed, humbled, and eventually cast aside, and I would strongly recommend that they read these verses.

God is hearing the loud endless cries, and sees the tears of the suffering, oppressed, and impoverished people of Zimbabwe, and their prayers will soon come to pass.

Your Excellency, do not say you were not warned.

     Tendai Ruben Mbofana is a social justice activist, writer, author and speaker. He writes here in his personal capacity.

Source - NewsDay Zimbabwe
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