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The mother of all vampire states

19 Jun 2022 at 21:01hrs | Views
On 18 June 2022, Zimbabwe woke up to the the Reserve Bank Governor, Mangudya's admission that, "Fifteen  major companies have been creating huge extra profits by borrowing billions of dollars, often from  several banks, at concessionary interest  rates, stocking up and then selling in US dollars and Zimbabwe dollars using black market exchange rates, so driving up prices….." Mangudya further admitted that these complicated financial arrangements create the liquidity that feeds the black market, and that also pushes up prices.

What an admission!!! I have said it before and I will say it until I die, Zimbabwe has metastasized from a Coconut Republic into a Vampire State. Simply put, it is clear that the vampire state must be reformed and replaced with a well-functioning state. To establish a functional state, reform are needed in many areas - in the political system, the economic system, the judiciary system, the educational system, and the electoral system. But reform is anathema to the ruling vampire elites and coconut heads, for it would threaten their lucrative businesses and their hold on power.

My late best friend and mentor, Dr George Ayittey used to tell me that, "Ask dictators to privatize inefficient state enterprises and they will sell the companies to themselves and their cronies at fire-sale prices," may his soul rest in eternal peace.

I don't even know where to begin, my goodness, what sin did we commit in Zimbabwe? Now Mangudya tells us, "The Financial Intelligence Unit (the Vampire elites) of the Reserve Bank, which uncovered the serious abuses, will itself be monitoring companies already caught out….."  The investigated companies' are now back in business borrowing again, with their suspensions lifted; please tell me I am not dreaming.

Zimbabwean people must seek answers - why these linked complex companies pay consequences for their crimes like every other citizen? I also implore the President to spring to action and fire such incompetent people like Mangudya who is only interested in developing his pockets.

Thank you Dr. Ayittey, thank you for opening my eyes because today your lessons came true; In his own words, Mangudya told the whole country that these are companies, groups of companies or more complex linked companies. What else do we need an explanation for? These are linked complex companies; just tell us who they are linked to or just shut up.

To my fellow Zimbabweans, "we need reform." To the Vampires, reform has become a charade. The reform process has stalled through vexatious chicanery, willful deception, and vaunted acrobatics. The ruling Vampire elites and the coconut heads are just not interested in reform, period. They benefit from the rotten status quo.

But without reform, Zimbabwe will implode or collapse in a Tunisian-type of revolution. In fact, the adamant refusal of our leaders to reform their odious and dysfunctional political system will ignite a revolution. I know this is the language the Vampires are waiting for. My advice to my brothers and sisters is not to despair and learn from nature.

The only effect way to move bees from their hive is to remove the honey. If you know you know!

Source - Sam Wezhira
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