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Chatunga makes Jonathan Moyo a babarian

27 Jun 2022 at 06:35hrs | Views
Chiwenga moved from the barracks to state House while Phelekezela Mphoko was there in the structures. This is according to Chatunga Mugabe son of the late rabid tribalist, genocidal, dictator Robert Mugabe, who was responding to self exiled former minister Jonathan moyo who was bent on shooting down the citizens coalition for change. Moyo has recently taken the job of being very critical of Nelson chamisa and his new or rebranded party, who just a short while had offered to train their election agents. He has touched a storm after storm after realizing that the party is neither interested in getting assistance from him. But the best durawall response he got a berating from a source which he least expected, in the name of Chatunga who asked if he understood what the so called structures are nothing but a babarian trophy.

Jonathan Moyo's obsession with Citizens Coalition for Change makes people wonder if he is now on the Zanu PF payroll, or the rise verse and chapter of Nelson Chamisa party makes develop butter flies in the stomach, since this is also giving his gukurahundist party sleepless nights and this has been confirmed by disgraced former deputy president Kembo Mohadi who has said it more than once that Zanu PF support base makes it vulnerable to defeat in 2023. So if writers and opinion makers have justly compared to the corruption, incompetent, gukurahundist, murderous, vote rigging party Zanu PF to Ian Douglas Smith regime, he has gone from inch to mile to pin the opinion to the party. Babarians is the name which he called everyone who says Smith was racist but was delivering better services. But Chatunga Mugabe has already shown who the really babarian is.

Well it is a known fact that Jonathan is and was darling of the former first family and their kids. But politics has non permanent friends since Chatunga has taken the in showing the spin doctor that you may be my family's friend but you definitely not my favorite person. with all the berates Jonathan is aiming at the Nelson chamisa led party it is not going down well with many even from the unexpected quarters.

Of late Jonathan complained about structures and further went on to claim that the murdered activist from Chitungwiza was not a Citizens Coalition for Change member since the party was knew had no membership structures. s So people have gone to see that he is bitter about the fact that after rebranding the party became more popular than he thought, after all he was one at the forefront to call for rebranding. Being a political grouping which had been dubbed dead now Jonathan is very green with envy to the point that he is even disputing the Mass Public Opinion Institute survey which said Chamisa was ahead of mnangagwa in terms of popularity, but he is torching a storm simply because he is just going against the young politician.

So the envious Jonathan has got to the criticism from the person he expected least . Guarding for Zanu PF and it's atrocities will make Jonathan worse than what he was as a spin doctor for the ruining party and as crafter of heinous acts of parliament like the notorious Aippa, Law and Order act, which gained infame by prosecuting the media, opposition activists and civil society organisations in the same time denying it. This makes a mockery of somebody who purpots to be political scientist.

Source - Phosiwe Ncube
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