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President Mnangagwa offside

27 Jun 2022 at 06:39hrs | Views
President Emmerson Mnangagwa's declaration that the opposition will never rule Zimbabwe because Zanu PF was the sole custodian of the country's liberation history is ill advised undemocratic and out of order.

Efforts to try and create a one party state through decimating or sending some shivers, threats and intimidations to the opposition at this era will be resisted by the majority Zimbabweans.

A country is not meant to be ruled by only one party without divergent views.

Progressive Zimbabweans must unite and ignore such unfounded utterances which are meant to idolise and drive a selfish agenda.

However that statement is not new, he took notes from the former colonialist Ian Douglas Smith who used to say the same.

What the Zanu PF leaders are failing to read is the fact that the cabals are getting old each day, years from now they will no longer be there to see the next government.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa must be reminded that he does not own Zimbabwe and that Zanu PF is not Zimbabwe.

Zanu PF is not in any way a custodian of the liberation struggle. If anything is to go by it has long abandoned the ethos and values that inspired the liberation struggle.

It has captured state institutions for self agrandisement. It is now opposed to the same struggle to which they claim ownership. Unfortunately we have amongst us enablers who have played a role of supporting this regime.

The forest is shrinking and the trees are keeping on cheering and voting for the axe because it's handle is made of wood and they are thinking it is one of them.

The important comrades in the nationalist movement are afraid of denouncing corruption and they want to continue looting the country's resources unabated threatening the gains of the liberation struggle. The party is always in election mode. The struggle has been hijacked by criminals.

Why these comrades appear to believe that they cannot make mistakes and never do anything wrong to such an extent that they cannot be criticised.

How did he equate the opposition to puppets. This is offside and completely off tangent. Zimbabwe is for all not for a single entity.

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Source - Leonard Koni
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