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Zimbabwean opposition's history of election fraud exposed

03 Jul 2022 at 09:13hrs | Views
Each time Zimbabwe prepares for elections, the opposition prepares a case for a stolen vote.

By now, the trend is abundantly clear: no matter the election, no matter the evidence and sometimes no matter whether his side wins or not, CCC leader Nelson Chamisa is going to claim or suggest widespread voter fraud.

It is always a baseless and dubious claim.

The truth of the matter is that those who blame others for fraud are the best fraudsters.

Chamisa's political career is already a fraud. He stole elections in his own party and has shown tendencies of dictatorship.

Ironically, Chamisa speaks of legitimacy when he himself is a result of an illegitimate process in his party.

In May 2013, Chamisa stole an internal party election for the MDC-T in Mbare, where Stan Zvorwadza was evidently popular than Eric Knight, his favourite friend.

This was despite that Knight was unknown in Mbare constituency by the MDC-T structures.

After votes were cast, Chamisa used his thuggery and short-changed Zvorwadza in favour of Knight.

Chamisa cannot teach anyone principles of democracy because of his hypocrisy and undemocratic principles.

Through his dictatorship, Chamisa rigged MDC-T primary elections in many constituencies across the country.

This explains why Chamisa cannot have or allow a constitution for CCC. Dictators are not friends to any constitution.

Chamisa thinks that everyone steals elections because he understands the art of election theft. He is a real practitioner of stealing elections.

In 2013, more than 10 candidates wrote letters to the MDC-T requesting re-runs of primary elections because Chamisa had presided over the stealing of votes for some candidates.

Internal emails and interviews with key participants revealed, for the first time, the extent to which leading advocates of the rigged election theory touted evidence they knew to be disproven, disputed or dismissed as dubious.

Zvorwadza maintained his cool throughout the years despite the fact that Chamisa wronged him, but the truth can be said now. The truth about the corruption, the manipulation and the lies.

Knight was taken from the United Kingdom by Chamisa to Mbare, showing no respect for substantive representation, no respect for the grassroots and no respect for the party supporters.

The hypocrisy of it all is that it comes from a man who claims to be a government in waiting.

Chamisa has left a trail of democratic destruction, undermining democracy instead of promoting it.

He has shown a pattern of disrespect. We should look no further but see how he treated Thokozani Khupe, how he treated Morgan Tsvangirai, how he treated Douglas Mwonzora and how he treated Zvorwadza.

These are his character traits – dishonesty, criminality and full of I know it all. He is not a listening leader. He presumes everything on people's behalf.

Chamisa is quick to accuse Zanu-PF, yet he has no respect for the same issues he highlights in blaming the ruling party.

After and towards every election, Chamisa and his team always come up with wild stories and claims like when they used claim there is a software that can change votes.

Who would ever forget the weird and thoughtless claim from Chamisa and his friends like Tendai Biti and Job Sikhala that the X that one places against their favourite candidate will end up mysteriously moving to place itself against a Zanu-PF candidate.

All this is made to cast aspersions on the smart victory of Zanu-PF.

Going back on the trend of vote stealing by Chamisa and his team, we know that Zvorwadza's Mbare primary election theft was notable and, therefore, all top MDC -T leaders were aware that Chamisa had stolen his victory in favour of Knight.

People like Biti, Elias Mudzuri, Morgen Komichi, Tapiwa Mashakada, Mwonzora and the late Morgan Tsvangirai were fully aware of Chamisa's primary election theft against Zvorwadza in favour of Knight, who allegedly paid him money for that.

The truth is a phone call away. Just calling Biti or Skhala to confirm will show that Chamisa will be a disaster if he is allowed near State House.

Despite the challenges Zimbabweans are facing, they must know that Chamisa is an agent of evil masquerade as an agent of hope and light.

How can such a person be trusted with State power?

Chamisa must be exposed and the world should know that he is a hypocrite who is quick to blame Zanu-PF when he loses and election. Chamisa's hypocrisy must be exposed

As we march towards 2023 elections, Zimbabweans must not be fooled by a party with no reason to exist. A party with no constitution, which put its trust in one man.

Come 2023, Zimbabweans must never allow Chamisa to steal our vote.

Source - The Herald
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