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ED has absolutely nothing to show for his five years of misrule!

06 Jul 2022 at 11:03hrs | Views
It was quite intriguing learning of a group calling itself, Varakashi4ED, reportedly traversing the width and breadth of Zimbabwe - ostensibly, on a mission to showcase achievements made in the country by the so-called "new dispensation" led by President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa.

Well, for starters, if there is truly any meaningful "development" to write home about, why the need to travel to all corners of the country in order to inform the citizenry about it?

If this supposed "development" is something to sing about, and significant enough to bring pride to the Mnangagwa administration - thereby, worthy of praise and congratulations - should we not be seeing it on our own, in our communities, and feeling the positive impact in our day-to-day lives?

Surely, had my standard of living improved over the course of the past five years - since the advent of the deceptively misnamed "new dispensation", as an aftermath of the military coup d'etat that toppled long-term tyrant Robert Gabriel Mugabe in November 2017 - would I have been in need of any Varakashi4ED to tell me of this fact?

If the cost of living had actually gone down - with ordinary citizens being able to afford and easily access not only basic essential commodities, health care, and shelter, but also provision of higher educational standards for our children, employees (both in the public and private sectors) earning fair and reasonable wages - why would we need to be told this by the ruling ZANU PF?

Should this not have been obvious?

Indeed, as much as Maslow had his Hierarchy of Needs - it is common knowledge that food, water, clothing, education, and shelter are the bare necessities for anyone's survival - and, if a government cannot even guarantee a conducive environment for the attainment of these most basic of needs by the vast majority of the country's citizenry, then what "development" is there to talk about?

When whole cities, towns, and suburbs can go for months and even years without a single drop of water coming out in their homes - honestly, what can people like Varakashi4ED show us as "development by ED"?

Of course, they will excitedly tell us about the recently completed new parliament building in Mt Hampton - actually funded and built by the Chinese - as one of those things the ruling elitist clique are so proud of.

Or, similarly, "progress" being made in the construction of new terminals at the Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport - also, by the Chinese.

What joy will that bring for the ordinary man, woman, and child in the street - who cannot afford, at the very least, one decent meals a day, or struggling to pay for their children's schooling, or may possibly die in their homes, on account of exorbitant medical treatment or dysfunctional equipment in the few relatively operational medical facilities?

On what grounds would any sane person celebrate shoddily rehabilitated roads in his neighborhood, when the last time he had water in his home was in October 2021 - and, is now forced to either spend precious hours at the nearest borehole distances away (and, carrying heavy 20 litre containers back home), or beg clearly fed up and weary neighbors who could afford to sink their own water sources?

They can tell us of the few companies that are setting shop in Zimbabwe - but, as we always say, "totenda maruva tadya chakata" (we will only celebrate the flowers after we have eaten the fruits), since past experience has taught us never to take government promises without a pinch of salt.

Besides, as the current economic meltdown has shown, the formally employed are not faring any better, as the are earning slave wages, well below the poverty datum line, and are suffering just as much as the unemployed or self-employed...maybe, street vendors are actually taking home a bit more.

Real development does not require advertising, or to be megaphoned around the country - but, speaks for itself.

In fact, tangible meaningful development directly touches the livelihoods of ordinary citizens, such that, they are the ones who would not be able to keep silent about it - talking to each other of how most goods and services have become cheaper and readily available, how urban transport was now seamlessly flowing, and our salaries had improved over the past five years.

Yet, the opposite is true!

In fact, most Zimbabweans are not political, and their views not guided by partisan objectives - as such, would readily acknowledge any genuine positive development impacting their daily livelihoods...had there been any.

What we have witnessed, though, has been the unashamed grand looting of our national resources - with arrogant impunity - as our already untenable welfare and plight is worsened through scandalous deals between the ruling elitist clique and unscrupulous shady business individuals, which have milked dry both our local and central authorities' coffers, leaving the citizenry lacking vital service delivery.

For the ruling ZANU PF to unleash its functionaries across the width and breadth of Zimbabwe to convince the restless and hapless population of successes by the Mnangagwa regime, proves that he has absolutely nothing to show for this five-year tenure.

Ordinary Zimbabweans are fully aware of the truth - that they have had to endure each and every minute of their lives - which is that, the only thing brought by the insufferable "new dispensation" has been untold misery and pain, through relentless impoverishment and suffering.

At least, no one has to tell us that truth - which is there for all to see and feel.

© Tendai Ruben Mbofana is a social justice activist, writer, researcher, and social commentator. Please feel free to contact him on WhatsApp/Call: +263715667700 / +263782283975, or Calls Only: +263788897936 / +263733399640, or email:

Source - Tendai Ruben Mbofana
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