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Mai TT, A full blown ZANU PF sideshow political project

05 Aug 2022 at 09:27hrs | Views
Despite intense infighting that characterizes Zanu PF, the fact remains that ZANU PF is determined to win the next election at any cost. For them, there is just too much at stake and they cannot afford to take any chances. 2023 is a matter of life or death not just another election. Yes, they have now come to a point where they can no longer hide the ever-widening fissures which have been lately exacerbated by the increasing Failed Economic Policies of Mnangagwa and uncertainly around succession with the combative Vice President Chiwenga. However, as we have seen in the past, their survival instinct will never desert them. They will certainly regroup to protect their self-interests, most importantly, their ill-gotten or unexplained wealth which is the sole reason for most of them being in politics or public service.

Progressive citizens should shun, unsubscribe and throw controversial Felistas Murata into the comedy dustbin as she is actually a Zanu PF project meant to divert thousands from registering to vote. Mai TT who has been in and out of relationship in which a normal person who is not bipolar related would take some time from moving into the next relationship has been hijacked by the system as a sideshow to by some time for the Harare regime. Zanu Pf has been on a spree paying large sums of money to a number of socialist as to divert especially the youths from registering to vote. A number of well-known socialist such as the Comic Pastor, Madam Boss, Passion Java, Roki, as well as false prophets have been financially captured by the system and no one among them dares to encourage the youths to register to vote.

Very soon, warring parties will close the gap as they share platforms at campaign rallies. Collaboratively, they are going to employ violence, abuse state resources and institutions including state media, force traditional leaders to frog March villagers to rallies and polling stations. They have the instinct of baboons endlessly squabbling among themselves but uniting to fight fiercely when a predator appears.  Do not be fooled - ZANU PF has had internal struggles since inception. Let us ignore these sideshows that are mostly banal re-plays, and focus earnestly on building the coalition of hope. Zimbabweans yearn for democracy, peace and prosperity and this is what the coalition must deliver. The effective, genuine and inclusive alliance must build unstoppable momentum towards voter education and registration as we prepare for 2023

As ZANU PF appears to be busy squabbling, they have agencies on the ground that are busy stealing the next election. I would not be surprised if militias are already being deployed across the country and some teams are working on how they can manipulate, scuttle or at least frustrate the voter's registration project. All eyes must be on the ball. It is time to focus on what is most important as we prepare for 2023. Ongoing sideshows in ZANU PF are a mere distraction that we must not be excited about. Zanu PF sideshows are just too many to name but focused citizens should keep registering to vote as it is the only hope left that can bring sanity to our dead economy. The eyes should be on the bigger price which is to kick out Zanu PF from power next year. Even the banning of Zimbabwe from International Soccer is another crazy sideshow that the regime is still using to continue its unwanted and prolonged stay in power.

Our nation needs to recover from the ruinous policies of the past 42 years as well as the recent turbulence that ushered in the new guard. If we continue to criticize without offering alternative solutions, we will come across as people only interested in power at any cost. Of course there are times when we will disagree, but let us do so respectfully and constructively. Citizens Coalition the only deal in town, continue to register to vote in numbers.

Stay Focused Don't be distracted by Mai TT

Knowledge Hakata is an Investigative Political Analyst as well as the Co-Founder of Demos Cratos a Human Rights Peace and Development Organization. He can be contacted on

Source - Knowledge Hakata
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