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Lest we forget our heroes

05 Aug 2022 at 09:31hrs | Views
This is the month which we remember and celebrate the illustrious fallen sons and daughters of Zimbabwe who sacrificed their fresh blood to liberate the country.

Traditionally August is a month to celebrate the heroic sacrifices that were made by ordinary men and women who took up the arms to unshackle the chains of colonial bondage.
Lest we forget.

Many departed and never returned. They are buried in unmarked graves in Zambia and Mozambique.

It was the very same young people who formed the nucleus of the liberation struggle and did not think twice on how to fight the enemy but today the young people are told that they are too young to lead.

There was unity amongst themselves which gave them the impetus and resilience to fight the oppressor.

Some of them went without food and shelter but they remained resolute. They fought and destroyed the pillars of colonial powers to free a new Zimbabwe.

With the help of the pan-African nationalism tide which swept across the colonial trappings, they discovered the formula through stimulation of racial solidarity and "shared blackness"

This movement was always focused on decolonization and lobbied for the total independence of the country from the Rhodesian rule.

It is so disturbing that the bodies who are scattered all over the country are watching the persecution of their grandchildren whom today are being harassed, tortured, killed and are denied to speak out.

Their souls are still weeping in the wilderness. Those who have taken over the leadership are mortgaging the country to the highest bidder lining and fattening their pockets at every given opportunity. They have used the guns and weapons to protect their ill gotten wealth. They are looting the country dry whilst their fellow comrades in arms are suffering in abject poverty.

Zimbabweans are crying everyday in the land of plenty.

On August 1 2018 the army was unleashed to kill the innocent blood. This is not what the revolutionary fighters fought for.

Today our national shrine has been personalised and politicised by Zanu-PF. Those lying in trenches should be laughing now.

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Source - Farai Chirimumimba
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