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Is this the Zimbabwe our Heroes and Heroines fought for?

09 Aug 2022 at 23:43hrs | Views
From The 1964 Zidube farm battle in Kezi & The 1966 Senoia Battle in Chinhoyi, though others may beg to differ, the muzzle of a gun sounded its arrival on our motherland, our great grandparents, grandparents, fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters sacrificed their lives to bring freedom and dignity for all Zimbabweans.

As we continue to celebrate the heroes living and the deceased, were their efforts and sacrifices worth the outcome?We commemorate our brave heroes and heroines, that fought for a more just society, one without brutality, corruption, discrimination, prejudice, social classes, and racism.

Upon reflection, in modern day Zimbabwe, such hopes, dreams and aspirations seem to be now in vain.

An independent nation whose people are in chains at the hands of their supposed guardians. Joshua Mgabuko Nkomo and many other are surely turning in their graves, for the sons and daughters of the gallant soil who now toil as slaves and servants under the oppressive black government who swore to protect and guard them. The heritage of the liberation struggle has been tarnished and forever tainted by those who were meant to give Zimbabweans a better life.

The legacy of a greater nation has died through empty slogans, "Pasi Naningi"Empty sloganeering has been our death bed where all our dreams have been crucified.

Perhaps our heroes ignored the obvious signs shown by most Pan African leaders in their tendencies for dictatorship, believing that no one would enjoy in the suffering of fellow Africans but Alas!! Poverty, a captured justice system and a tottering economy seems to be the fruits of those that dare to speak out.

The button sticks and riot gear has become mightier than the pen and the ballot.

As we continue to celebrate Heroes' Day let's ask ourselves,Is this the Zimbabwe our Heroes & heroines fought for?Hopefully the sun will rise again. #RegisterToVoteZw#ZanuPFMustGo #ZimbabweansLivesMatter

Source - Nontokozo Malaba Ncube
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