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Limpopo doctor's Nazistic remarks despicable

26 Aug 2022 at 20:47hrs | Views
An ANC official and senior medical officer for Limpopo province spews Nazistic and hypernationalistic sentiments that go beyond the ideals of the medical profession against a stricken patient waiting to receive medical attention simply because the patient is Zimbabwean.

The remarks by Limpopo health MEC Dr Phophi Ramathuba, which go beyond the meaning of xenophobia represent highest levels of lack of tolerance and crass incompetence confirming that the person is a moron. The arrant nonsense witnessed as Zimbabwean activists defended her thinking that they were spiting the government will only come back to haunt us and/or our kids as we move into the future.

Article 25 of the UN Charter gives everyone a right to medical care. This right cannot be obliterated by extreme bigotry, Nazism and ignorant intolerance towards anything that is not white.

It also goes against the pledge she swore to as a medical doctor.

This lady does not deserve the ululation of any person who is sane enough to appreciate the dangers posed by ignorance and how such incendiary and reckless talk can lead to a scenario like that witnessed in Rwanda in 1994.

South Africa is a country on the margins of disaster.

Everything is going awry. However, Zimbabweans are being used as the scapegoat to justify the pathetic state of affairs happening in that country. Those who are not well exposed to facts will be made to think that Zimbabweans are the only migrants in South Africa and in the world but an enlightened mindset will realise that 281 million people, representing 3,6% of the global population, are staying in countries not of their birth. More than 115 million of these are of Asian origin and as of 2020 they contributed around US$700 billion in diaspora remittances.

The work ethic of Zimbabweans, just like other foreigners working in South Africa, cannot be doubted and replaced by violent extremism presently spreading unabated in South Africa. South Africa is a country rated as being the most unequal in the world with most of the population excluded from the mainstream economy. Unemployment is headed northwards whilst radical extremism is being justified as pan-Africanism and a drive towards self-empowerment.

The elephant in the room has got nothing to do with a person seeking medical attention. If Zimbabwe is to reciprocate by closing the border at Beitbridge, which is South Africa's artery into the region, the consequences would be dire for the regional agenda.

The lady must be condemned by all right-meaning progressive forces whilst those who feel her remarks are worth it are free to apply for South African citizenship

Source - The Zimbabwe Independent
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