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Exposing Mudenda and Chokuda double standards

21 Sep 2022 at 11:22hrs | Views
Speaker of Parliament Jacob Mudenda and the Clerk of Parliament Kennedy Mugove Chokuda have been exposed as being corrupt and dishonest in executing their duties and functions at Parliament.

The recent 9000USD laptop issue raised serious questions on the integrity of Jacob Mudenda as Speaker of Parliament and Chokuda as clerk of Parliament.

They awarded an inflated tender and woke up to deny it when Treasury raised questions over the prices, if they had not awarded the tender then how did the figures get to treasury ?

There are reports of Parliament paying staffers USD 3000 for a return ticket between Harare and Victoria Falls.

A lot of rot is being swept under the carpet at Parliament and MPs are suffering while Chokuda, Mudenda and their allies are living large.

Chokuda and Mudenda's double standards and favoritism have also been exhibited in their application of the rules in Parliament.

Section 194 (1) (a) of the Constitution requires that Members of Parliament demonstrate high standards of professional ethics.

It reads as follows: "Public administration in all tiers of Government including institutions and agencies of the State and Government-controlled entities and other public enterprises must be governed by the democratic values and principles enshrined in the Constitution, including the following principles, (a) a high standard of professional ethics must be promoted and maintained."

Justice Mayor Wadyajena has been accused of abusing his post as parliamentary portfolio committee chairman and used it to engage in corruption and money laundering at an entity under his oversight.

It is unprofessional and unethical for Wadyajena to remain as portfolio committee chair let alone travel on international trips at Parliament and tax payers' expense yet he faces serious charges.

The Clerk of Parliament and the Speaker of Parliament have ignored the charges and the case against Wadyajena and there is no precedence for such.

Temba Mliswa had a Privileges Committee setup to discuss his continued chairmanship of the Mines and Mining development portfolio committee when he had allegations leveled against him.

Wadyajena was arrested and ZACC has stated that they have a strong case and evidence against the legislator and Parliament has remained silent on the issue.

Why are the rules being applied differently? Why are Chokuda and Mudenda protecting Wadyajena and allowing him to continue as he pleases as if they are beholden to him?

Mudenda and Chokuda in the past protected Prof Jonathan Moyo when a parliamentary portfolio committee wanted to question the former Minister on missing ZIMDEF funds.

Mudenda and Chokuda moved in and shielded Jonathan Moyo from the portfolio committee which was carrying out the investigations.

Could this be a habit that they have established to protect others while prosecuting others?

Why the double standards in the august house , what is special about Wadyajena that he cannot miss this international trip and has to get his passport back on the pretext that he has to attend to Parliament business ? Is he the only MP who can represent Parliament of Zimbabwe in Europe ? Do we want to be represented by a legislator accused of corruption ?

Mudenda and Chokuda need to be fair and apply the rules fairly unless if they are compromised and know that they will be exposed if Wadyajena goes down.

Source - Maxwell Chaunoita
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