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Will the removal of sanctions restore democracy in Zimbabwe

24 Sep 2022 at 07:42hrs | Views
The issue of sanctions imposed by the West on the government of Zimbabwe has always been sparking a debate across the country with mixed feelings.

At the UNGA 77th President of Senegal Macky Sall also talked about the removal of sanctions on Zimbabwe. Naledi Pandor South African Foreign Minister, Masisi of Botswana, Hichilema of Zambia and Kenyan President William Ruto also denounced unilateral coercive actions, or targeted sanctions on Zimbabwe.

This is not the first time that UNGA has been receiving this message and why is it taking too long for the United Nations to take action on sanctions which have been there for more than twenty years?

In February 2009 the African Union in Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa, the 53-nation African Union called for the lifting of sanctions against Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe to "help ease the humanitarian situation" in the country but up to now nothing has materialised.

Robert Mugabe who was too vocal about the removal of sanctions died without the sanctions getting removed.

Is the United Nations committed to tackle global challenges being faced by the continent when it is struggling to solve this Zimbabwe issue?

Not surprising that the UNGA has become a talk show where global leaders take their time out to enjoy travelling and subsistence claim whilst those who are serious and committed use their time to striking deals and cementing international relations and partnerships.

More and more countries can add their voices at the UNGA but the ball is in President Mnangagwa's court and must do the right thing for sanctions to be removed. Unless Zanu PF repents there will be no change on the sanctions agenda.  

Even if the message is coming from moon, if the current Zimbabwean government does not implement the reforms needed for the sanctions to be lifted it will always be a pie in the sky and a cycle of the same things.

Currently the country is losing millions of dollars through gold smugglers who are shipping about $1.5 billion worth of gold per year and we keep on blaming sanctions. Corruption is rampant in both the public and private sector where millions of dollars are being siphoned. With all these Zimbabwe remains a hungry nation.

Zanu PF is on record of abusing human rights, lack of rule of law and respect of property. So if sanctions are removed is Zanu PF government going to restore the rule of law. Will there be strong and sound democratic institutions?

There is no substitute for political reform. The Zimbabwe's administration must go back to the drawing board and do the right thing with sincere diplomatic engagement. We cannot keep on indicating left whilst turning right.

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Source - Leonard Koni
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