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Wadyajena the untouchable ZANU PF maverick

27 Sep 2022 at 16:16hrs | Views
Gokwe-Nembudziya legislator, Justice Mayor Wadyajena has been a long standing divisive and problematic child of the ruling party ZANU PF and he seems to be an untouchable maverick within the party.

In 2018 Wadyajena blatantly attacked ZANU PF Parliamentary Chief whip and then youth league leader Pupurai Togarepi.

He exposed sharp divisions in Zanu PF after coming out guns blazing against the party's Youth League whom he accused of incompetency and corruption.

Writing on Twitter , Wadyajena also accused the Youth League of conniving with the opposition Movement for Democratic Change further questioning if they campaigned for Mnangagwa in the just ended July 30 2018 elections.

"Our Youth League as it is now is incompetent and totally corrupt. It wouldn't be surprising if those middle-agers sold their souls to opposition as claimed. Did they campaign for H.E ED Mnangagwa? We all know they're team Torai Mari United!"

The party took no action against Wadyajena for such divisive and destructive behavior, later on Togarepi lost his post as ZANU PF secretary for youth affairs.

The Gokwe-Nembudziya Member of Parliament, Wadyajena went at it again in 2019 , this time taking aim at War Veterans leader Chris Mutsvangwa and Vice President Chiwenga after he made startling revelations that there was a plot to impeach President Emmerson Mnangagwa which had been foiled due to the lack of numbers.

Posting on Twitter , he said the plotters threatened to kill him and harm his family for betraying their plan and allegedly alerting Mnangagwa, who later abandoned his plan to attend the World Economic Forum in 2019.

"They threatened to kill me and harm my family. I stand by @edmnangagwa and wish they knew our isnt just a political relationship. However they try. we'l NEVER QUIT nor be intimidated. The plot is foiled, they lack numbers for impeachment and the devil isnt @ProfJNMoyo but amongst us."

The party did not take any action against Wadyajena for denigrating the names of Vice President Chiwenga as well as Chris Mutsvangwa.

Wadyajena later went on to humiliate businessperson Kuda Tagwirei going a step further by using his portfolio committee chairmanship to settle personal scores with Kuda Tagwirei, the party again remained silent and ignored the improper conduct.

Recently  Wadyajena found himself in the eye of a corruption storm involving COTTCO and he came out boasting that he wasn't going anywhere and he would be there until 2030.

Wadyajena has shown serious contempt for the ruling party and any form of authority. He has abused the name of the President claiming that his relationship with the President was bigger than politics.

Those close to Wadyajena have claimed that Wadyajena was behind the fall of Victor Matemadanda and he has boasted that he can dethrone any minister , MP or businessman at any given time.

Could this be the reason why Speaker Jacob Mudenda has not acted on Wadyajena? Could this be the reason that the party has not taken any disciplinary action against the divisive tactics of Wadyajena?

What is special about Wadyajena that makes him untouchable? How does he attack VP Constantino Chiwenga ,Togarepi , Mutsvangwa, Tagwirei and others and still get away with it?

Who is protecting Wadyajena and why are they protecting him? What example are they setting and what precedence are they setting ?

Will Wadyajena continue his reckless behavior unchecked and unhinged ? After all no one seems strong enough to take action against Wadyajena, he has become a demigod in ZANU PF second only to President Mnangagwa is this the way of the ruling party or is this a new way of protocol in the ruling party?

John Mutengambiri
Socio-Political Analyst

Source - John Mutengambiri
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